The benefits of bathroom speakers with WiFi

In your search for speakers for the bathroom, you quickly end up with either Bluetooth speakers or WiFi speakers. In this blog we will discuss the advantages of bathroom speakers with WiFi. Of course, we will also discuss the alternative; Bluetooth. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that WiFi speakers enable multiroom music streaming. Thus, you can take the music from the bathroom to the kitchen as easily as from the bedroom to outside in the garden. WiFi speakers make it possible to really listen to music anytime and in any room. This can be the same music, but it is also possible for each speaker to have its own separate audio source.

WiFi bathroom speakers

WiFi speakers are included in the same (home) network as the audio source – your phone, tablet or computer – and are therefore always accessible. As a result, in practice, it no longer matters where your audio source is in the house. As long as it is connected to your network, your device can play music over the WiFi speaker(s). This is therefore immediately a big advantage of choosing WiFi built-in speakers in the bathroom. The audio source no longer needs to be taken into the bathroom to enjoy your favorite music. Thus, it is not exposed to the high humidity in the bathroom, but also WiFi speakers make it possible to play music from a fixed audio source (provided it can stream via WiFi).

The other big advantage of WiFi speakers has already been briefly highlighted in the intro. They make it possible to listen to your favorite music in multiple rooms simultaneously (multiroom). Especially ideal within a multi-person household, as everyone can connect his or her own device to the speaker they are near. Thus, different music can be played simultaneously in different rooms, or the same music in all rooms.

The advantage of WiFi bathroom speakers is that they are waterproof speakers. As a result, the location is not just limited to the bathroom. The speakers can also be placed in the kitchen, under the porch or even in the garden. AquaSound has even designed speakers especially for the sauna or steam room. So you really can enjoy your favorite music or interesting podcast anywhere via the WiFi network. AquaSound only offers in-wall speakers. We do this intentionally because we also see many advantages in this. Not yet convinced? Read more about the advantages of in-wall speakers.

The alternative: Bluetooth speakers

WiFi may no longer have distance limitations, virtually no “drops” and is suitable for one or more zones, yet Bluetooth is also a good option. It is a very interesting option if you are just looking for a speaker for the bathroom. Especially if you don’t mind taking your audio source into the bathroom. Bluetooth speakers have a range of 7 to 9 meters indoors and 20 to 22 meters outdoors. At the limit of this distance, a loss of quality may occur or drops may be experienced. Music may falter or sometimes drop out.

All AquaSound bathroom speakers can be built in with either a WiFi amplifier or a Bluetooth amplifier. So don’t let the choice of a specific speaker depend on how you want to connect your audio source to the speaker. Although the options described above differ, both options provide good quality music in the bathroom. The image below shows the differences of WiFi bathroom speakers and bluetooth bathroom speakers once again clearly.

advantages wifi and bluetooth speakers

Benefits of AquaSound speakers

What all AquaSound speakers have in common is that they are waterproof. They can be used in the most humid room in the house (the bathroom) but can also be used outdoors and some models even in the sauna. As indicated, there is no difference between the speakers themselves, as they can come with a Bluetooth receiver or a WiFi receiver. AquaSound focuses mainly on recessed speakers, these can be easily installed in false ceilings. Whether outside, in the kitchen, living room or bathroom. With AquaSound you will incorporate beautiful sound in every room.