Splashproof TV (above the bathtub)

Nothing is more relaxing than a wonderful evening in a bathtub. But we can take this experience to an even higher level. With a splashproof TV at the foot end. This makes it even easier to stay in the bath for a long time and enjoy the ultimate in relaxation. Of course, not just any TV can be placed in the bathroom. And neither the iPad is inteded for use next to the bath. Also, the risk of the iPad falling into the water is a risk to consider.

Due to the high humidity in a bathroom, a waterproof TV is necessary. But a good bathroom TV has even more additional features specifically for use in the bathroom. For example, the waterproof AquaSound TV has a heated screen to prevent condensation. So you can always continue to enjoy the Full HD picture quality. Just start your favorite movie, docu or series…

The TV for above the bathtub

AquaSound’s latest waterproof TVs come with Smart technology that allows you to get even more viewing pleasure out of your television. When the TV is connected to the Internet, you get access to the Google App Store for televisions. This allows you to put your favorite streaming services on the TV with just a few clicks. This way you are no longer tied to live TV broadcasts and perhaps specific times when you want to watch a program from the bath. Thanks to Smart technology, you always watch exactly what you want. Whether it is on YouTube or a well-known streaming services such as Netflix, Prime, HBO Max or Disney+.

Of course, our waterproof television comes with a waterproof remote control. No hassle of hanging half out of the bath to change channels or apps. The remote control can be taken into the bath with no problem. It’s not even a problem if it accidentally falls into the water.

Splashproof TV ideal with children

While a TV in the bathroom is ideal for your own relaxation, it’s also a great way to get the kids excited about the bath. And then it’s handy if the TV can withstand some splashing, too! Because once they get absorbed in an episode on Netflix Kids or Disney+, of course it’s splashing time! Fortunately, the AquaSound bathroom TV is totally up to this. In addition to withstanding high humidity, the TV can also withstand splashes. Truly a splashproof TV!

The TV has the IPX5 rating, this is also called spray-proof. The TV can withstand 3 minutes of spraying from 3 meters away with 12.5 liters of water per minute at any angle. So the splashes from bathing children are absolutely no problem at all.

Choose built-in or surface-mounted

The AquaSound bathroom TV is available in two variants; built-in or surface-mounted. It is the same 27″ television, but the way of mounting is different. You can choose to build the TV into the wall, or mount it to the wall via a VESA bracket. When building it in, be sure to consider the viewing angle of the screen. Prevent the TV from being installed too high. So in this case it is really a TV at the foot of the bathtub. If you opt for the surface-mounted version, you have more options, depending on the VESA mount you choose, since the screen can then be rotated and adjusted.

Combine with splashproof speakers

Of course, the TV experience becomes even better with ultimate sound. Although the speakers in the TV are good, you create a real cinema experience by combining the TV with waterproof speakers. AquaSound’s splashproof speakers are therefore an ultimate addition to the waterproof TV. The sound of your favorite broadcasts will be even better, but you will also immediately have even more media options in the bathroom. As this also allows you to enjoy music in the bathroom or in the shower from your other devices. You can choose between a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi amplifier to connect the speakers to the TV (and your other devices). Just what you prefer.

Would you like to see the splash-proof bathroom TV in real life first? Via our Dealer Locator you can easily find a dealer near you (red markings). But you can also go directly to our webshop to buy the bathroom TV online.