Sauna speakers

For those for whom just relaxing in the sauna is not enough and need even more stimuli to unwind, there is the AquaSound Sauna Speaker! The waterproof Bluetooth or Wifi speaker that can handle temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius. Ideal for placing in your sauna at home, but also perfect for wellness centers, the sauna in the gym or in the hotel. Our Jazz Extreme speaker, as the name implies, can handle extreme temperatures from -25 to +100 degrees Celsius. Like all AquaSound speakers, this model is water and steam proof. So it doesn’t matter what kind of sauna you place this speaker in. You will always relax with perfect sound.

Speaker for both dry and wet saunas

Whether you’re looking for a speaker for a dry or wet sauna or even a steam room or infrared sauna, the Jazz Extreme can handle it! This model has been tested in the extreme conditions, at temperatures around 50 degrees such as wet saunas, steam rooms and baths to dry saunas where temperatures of 90 degrees are common. The Jazz Extreme keeps working perfectly and plays your music through the 70W speaker without any problems. With a built-in depth of 60mm and a width of 175mm, it is easy to install the Jazz Extreme in practically any sauna cabin.

Sauna speakers for one or more saunas

The Jazz Extreme can be used as either a Bluetooth speaker or a Wifi speaker. It just depends on what your preference is. Of course, we are happy to help you make a decision. The choice depends mainly on how many speakers you want to install. This is because the sauna speaker(s) are connected to either a Bluetooth receiver or a Wifi receiver. The Bluetooth version is limited to two speakers, where the Wifi version can continue to be expanded.

Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers have distance limitations (they have a range of about 7-9 meters). At the limit of this distance, loss of quality may occur or drops may be experienced. Music may falter or sometimes drop out. Thus, the music source must stay near the speaker. Because of this, it is usually not possible to pair multiple speakers at the same time or listen to the same music in multiple rooms (multiroom).

Wifi speakers

Where Bluetooth speakers have limitations, that’s where the advantage of Wifi speakers comes in. These can stream without distance limitations and without loss of quality. The speaker is connected to the same (home) network as the audio source and therefore always has range as long as the device remains connected to it. This makes it an ideal option for wellness centers, the sauna at the gym or in a hotel. You can stream the same music to the speakers in the sauna as to those in the lounge or even changing room.

Sauna speaker pairing with multiroom speakers

Since a sauna session should not take too long, it makes for an even better experience if ambient music from outside the sauna is taken inside, or vice versa. But it is also possible to play various kinds of music over different speakers. In this way, a separate atmosphere can be created for each sauna while relaxing background music plays in the general area.

The Jazz Extreme can also be paired with AquaSound’s range of waterproof speakers via its Wifi receiver. All speakers in our range are waterproof and can be placed in bathrooms, swimming pools or even outdoors. The music is not limited to the sauna, so there is never a silent moment. This makes your home sauna or a day in the sauna an even finer experience!

Curious about the multiroom possibilities or would you like to order multiple speakers simultaneously? Feel free to contact us, we will gladly discuss your situation for the best possible result.