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Manual Firmware Update EMC-type N-Joy Controller ‎‎‎ ‎ ‎

Step by step, we explain how to install the N-Joy Controller Firmware Update.

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7 tips for installing a television in the bathroom

If you are facing a bathroom renovation, a complete remodelling or an entirely new bathroom and are considering including a bathroom television, these 7 tips are for you! Here are the key points to consider when installing a television in the bathroom, from the type of connection to the ideal viewing angle. With these tips, you won’t regret your decision to install a television in the bathroom!

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Why install a bathroom radio?

The possibilities for playing music in the bathroom are endless, so why specifically choose a recessed bathroom radio? In this blog, we highlight the benefits of a built-in bathroom radio but also discuss a few interesting alternatives to dance around in the shower. So you can decide what is the best way for you to fill your bathroom with your favorite music.

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Tips for installing waterproof bluetooth speakers into suspended ceiling

There is nothing like listening to your own music at home. Wherever that may be. Whether you want to enjoy music in the bathroom or just mount waterproof bluetooth speakers in the garden or kitchen. In this blog we will discuss our speakers, the most important points you need to know for installation and of course we will also share our tips for installing the waterproof speakers.

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Built-in bathroom speakers feel like wireless

In the search for good bathroom speakers, we regularly hear that the choice is between two audio products: wireless portable bathroom speakers and wireless recessed bathroom speakers. In this comparison, we will review the main features, advantages and limitations of both speaker types so that you can make the most appropriate choice for your own bathroom.

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The benefits of bathroom speakers with WiFi

In this blog, we will discuss the advantages of bathroom speakers with WiFi. Of course, we also discuss the alternative; Bluetooth. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that WiFi speakers enable multiroom music streaming. Thus, you can take the music from the bathroom to the kitchen as easily as from the bedroom to outside in the garden.

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Why choose hotel audio from AquaSound?

AquaSound is proud of every hotel that decides to use its specially designed hotel products to enhance its guests’ experience. But some projects we are especially proud of. That’s why we highlight them on our blog. In this blog, we give an insight into why Rosa Hotel chose hotel audio from AquaSound.

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Splashproof TV (above the bathtub)

Nothing is more relaxing than a wonderful evening in a bathtub. But we can take this experience to an even higher level. With a splashproof TV at the foot end. This makes it even easier to stay in the bath for a long time and enjoy the ultimate in relaxation.

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Create your own modern bathroom

Having an entire bathroom renovated can sometimes be a pricey undertaking. And that’s a shame when the bathroom can still be used for years. There are alternatives to adding more luxury so the bathroom feels like new again. Perhaps not in appearance, but certainly in feeling and use. Bring a new atmosphere into the bathroom so it feels like new again and ensures years of pleasure.

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Waterproof boat speakers

Although AquaSound originally focuses mainly on the bathroom, we increasingly hear that our products are used more wide-spread. For instance, our bathroom speakers are also being used as boat speakers, and our N-Joy bathroom radio as a waterproof boat radio. In this blog, we discuss the possibilities of building our products onto your boat.

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