Waterproof media products, for hours of relaxation and fun

With AquaSound's waterproof media products, you can transform your bathroom, kitchen, or porch in no time. Perfect sound in the shower or kitchen, crisp images when relaxing in a hot bath or a nice tune at a garden party.

Whatever your needs, AquaSound develops and manufactures modern media products with tried and tested technology. The waterproof and moisture-resistant bathroom radios, audio systems and bathroom TVs are very easy to install and ready to use.

Why AquaSound?

• Leader in waterproof media products for more than 25 years;
• Excellent service at all times;
• All media products are waterproof;
• Speakers with high-quality sound;
• All products are very user-friendly;
• Bluetooth or WiFi audio systems;
• Audio systems are easy to install.

The AquaSound product range includes different products. Below you can find a summary of the product groups.

Bluetooth Audio Systems

Pair your iPhone, smartphone or tablet easily and quickly with one of AquaSound's Bluetooth systems. These Bluetooth systems are ideal if you want to equip a single room with Bluetooth audio. For example, your bathroom or kitchen, but also a terrace is a possibility. Stream your personal music or interesting podcasts and relax!

WiFi-Audio Systems

The successor to Bluetooth? Not necessarily, but WiFi-Audio has some important advantages over Bluetooth. Streaming takes on a new dimension. Stream to a single room, or multiple rooms individually or simultaneously. Directly from the Spotify app. Apple users can also stream using the Apple AirPlay functionality. Streaming has never been this easy!

N-Joy Bathroom Radio

The fully waterproof N-Joy Bathroom Radio makes using a mobile phone in the bathroom obsolete. Choose a streaming service such as Spotify or TuneIn Radio and listen to your favourite music! The N-Joy installs the original apps from the various services - convenient and familiar.

Bathroom TV

The AquaSound Bathroom TVs turn the bathroom into a true wellness resort. Equipped with the Android TV system, you get access to the Google Play Store. Install apps of your choice and enjoy Netflix, VideoLand, YouTube, Ziggo GO or KPN Interactive TV. They are also equipped with DVB-C and DVB-T2 tuners and are available in both flush and surface-mounted versions.

Bathroom Speakers

Whether you want a speaker set in the bathroom, in the sauna or outside under your porch. Find a complete collection of water-resistant speakers that will easily conquer their place in any desired location!

Want to know more or order directly?

AquaSound products are available through various channels. For example through the AquaSound webshop, but also at your local plumbing dealer. Go to the Dealer Locator to easily find a dealer in your area. Or click on webshop to order the products directly from the AquaSound shop. Within a few days you can enjoy music in your own bathroom or kitchen.