Tips for installing waterproof bluetooth speakers into suspended ceiling

There is nothing like listening to your own music at home. Wherever that may be. Whether you want to enjoy music in the bathroom or just mount waterproof bluetooth speakers in the garden or kitchen. Wherever you mount the speakers, the result is the same: with a few clicks you connect the desired device to the speakers and you can enjoy great sound. By choosing recessed speakers, you never have to worry about battery life again but enjoy optimal sound every time. In this blog we will discuss our speakers, the most important points you need to know for installation and of course we will also share our tips for installing the waterproof speakers.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers

In the AquaSound range, you will find seven diverse waterproof Bluetooth speakers. Although they have similarities, they are all built-in speakers for a false ceiling or false wall (so they are not separate speakers). In addition, all our speakers are also waterproof, although the degree of waterproofness can vary from model to model.

The main difference between them is the peak power (Watts), which in turn has an effect on the mounting depth and hole size. These are therefore the three most important points to base your choice of built-in speaker on. If you are looking for a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for outdoors or in a steam room or sauna, choose a speaker with an IPX6 rating.

Important before installing Bluetooth speakers

There are a few points important to know before you decide to install Bluetooth speakers. For example, there should be enough space behind a wall or ceiling. For our smallest speaker you need at least 35 millimeters, for the largest speaker you need 81 millimeters of installation space.

In addition to requiring depth, a hole must be made in the ceiling or false wall into which the speaker will fit. The minimum hole size required is 100 millimeters but if you choose the largest speaker there should be room for a 206 millimeter hole.
We recommend checking the intended location in advance to make sure you can get started with a hole saw here without any problems. Double check that there are no pipes or cables running you could damage.
In addition, it is good to know that Bluetooth built-in speakers use a Bluetooth amplifier, which must be concealed behind the wall or ceiling. The Bluetooth amplifier needs an electrical outlet, it may be necessary to install it beforehand, or choose a mounting location closer to an already existing electrical outlet. If there is no good Bluetooth reception at the chosen location, an extension kit of the Bluetooth antenna can be used.

In short:

  • The recessed speaker needs sufficient space behind the ceiling (35 to 81 mm).
  • Check that the required hole size is possible at the desired location (100 to 206 mm).
  • There will be a Bluetooth amplifier behind the ceiling.
  • An electrical outlet must be present behind the ceiling.
  • Bluetooth signal can be extended with a Bluetooth antenna extension kit.

Tips on installing waterproof built-in speakers

Now that you know what to consider when installing Bluetooth built-in speakers, we’d like to share a few final tips so you can get started right away once your order is delivered.

  • Use the provided template to determine the location of the hole and cut/cut out .
  • Test if there is sufficient Bluetooth reception when the Bluetooth amplifier is inserted.
  • Determine the max volume of the amplifier based on an enjoyable listening experience with maximum volume of your device (usually 60 or 70% of the amplifier).

Curious about what the entire installation of our waterproof built-in speakers looks like? Then be sure to read the manual to get a complete picture. Of course, you buy our waterproof speakers or complete bluetooth audio systems easily and quickly in our webshop.