Bathroom Radio

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N-Joy Music Center (incl. Spotify Player)

The Bathroom Radio

A waterproof music system for the bathroom. This system can be fully integrated in the bathroom. It is possible to connect external devices, such a a mobile phone, but this is not needed to make maximum use of this complete audio system. Listen to Internet radio* or your personal music files, which are stored in the N -Joy Controller. You can also play your personal Spotify** playlists from the controller. The controller finds its place in the magnetic holder / charger to the wall... so it will always be charged when you want to use it. The controller sends your chosen music via Bluetooth to the mini amplifier. Together with the waterproof speakers, the amplifier ensures that this radio system sounds beautiful in the entire bathroom.

IPX 6 Waterproof

Internet Radio

45 Watts

12GB storage

Easy Intergrate


Bluetooth 4.0


* Wifi required
** Spotify Premium subscription required

The Bathroom radio

The bathroom audio system is the central point in your bathroom. The waterproof controller hangs 'standby' in the magnetic wall bracket. You choose your favourite radio station (through internet radio) and the music sounds through the recessed speakers in the ceiling. You can even conect your phone, but this is not required to fully enjoy this music system. A system that can be built into the bathroom, the kitchen, or anywhere else. A very complete, waterproof, music system.

Magnetic holder / charger

the waterproof controller can be placed on the magnetic holder which also charges the device. This way the controller will always be ready to use. With just two touches on the button, the radio will be activated. Offcourse you are also able to store your favourite music on the device.

What you don't see

The bathroom radio is the waterproof controller that is visible in the bathroom. With the magnetic wall charger it can be placed at a strategic position. The Mini-Box can be placed out of sight to give a minimalistic professional look.

Quickly installed

This Bathroom Radio is easy and quick to install anywhere. The installation is normally done in less than 25-30 minutes. The Mini-Box is placed on top of the ceiling through the same hole that is cut for the speakers. The ceiling speakers are inserted afterwards (using the spring clips) and finally the controller wall mount is placed on a strategic place on the wall.

Plug & Play

Technical knowledge to put this waterproof music system in use is not necessary. The whole system is plug and play. So every bathroom or kitchen can be provided with great sound without any trouble.

What can this audio system do once it is installed in the bathroom?

Once the system is installed into the bathroom you are able to:


The N-Joy Music Center is waterproof so safe for use in the bathroom. The N-Joy controller even can be used under the shower or in the bath. The speakers are very moisture resistant and specifically made to function in humid environments.

Other bathroom speakers?

It is also possible to combine other bathroom speakers with the N-Joy Music Center. You just need to choose any other speaker set from the AquaSound product range. All waterproof speakers can be connected to the mini-box. This way you can create the combination that perfectly fits your personal requirements.

Product specifications & Downloads

An overview of the main features of the N-Joy Music Center.

N-Joy Controller

Waterproof (IPX6)
Magnetic wall holder / charger
Bluetooth version: 3.0
5" Touch-screen
16 GB Intern memory (extendable)
V+ / V- 'Hardbuttons'
Battery 1500 mHa


measures: 140 x 100 x 45 mm
SMA antenna (black)
Extension-kit incl white antenna
Bluetooth version: 4.0 (A2DP)
Power: 50 Watt (peak)
Class D amplifier
Distance: up to 12 meters (in open field)
Adapter: 230V / 12v (2,5A)

'Twist' Speakerset

Measures: Rond 130 mm (D= 45 mm)
Holesize: 110 mm
Power: 45 Watt (peak) @ 8 Ohm
Reach: 75Hz tot 20KHz
Speaker: RAL 9016
Incl 2x 3 meter speaker cable
Which model do you choose ?

The N-Joy Music Center with the ‘Twist’ speaker set will give you incredible value for money. If you want to enjoy this audio system to audio system at its maximum potential, this is possible by selecting the ‘High End’ speaker set ‘Move’.


N-Joy Music Center with 'Move' speaker-set


N-Joy Music Center with 'Twist' speaker-set