Waterproof speakers: other applications of AquaSound speakers

That speakers for the bathroom should be waterproof is a given fact. But not only in the bathroom is a certain level of waterproofing desirable. There are other applications where it is safer to install waterproof speakers. In this blog we will discuss how waterproof speakers are classified, what classifications there are and, of course, what applications you can use our speakers for. AquaSound has a wide range of waterproof speakers, with different degrees of protection. There are two similarities between all our speakers; they are built-in speakers that can work with both a WiFi or Bluetooth receiver.

Waterproof speakers IP ratings

The range of waterproof speakers is wide, even within the AquaSound range we have a diverse selection. Besides the fact that our waterproof speakers differ in installation size, diameter and power, there is also a difference in the IP rating, the degree of protection against dust and moisture. AquaSound also uses the IP rating to express the degree of waterproofness.

IP stands for Ingress Protection and is expressed in two digits. The first digit indicates how well the speaker is protected against the penetration of solid particles such as dust, the second digit deals with the protection against moisture. The higher the number, the more moisture and water resistant the speaker is.

Often an X is also included in the IP rating. This X indicates that the product has no protection here (or has not been tested). Since with our waterproof speakers dust is not a problem we only test for the degree of protection against moisture, our IP ratings therefore all start with IPX. The second digit indicates the degree of protection against moisture. An overview of all ratings:

  • IPX1: Drip-proof. Resistant to vertical drops.
  • IPX2: Drip-proof. Resistant to drops falling at an angle of 15°.
  • IPX3: Splashproof. Resistant to water spraying (10 liters per minute) at an angle of up to -60° to 60°.
  • IPX4: Splash proof. Resistant to watering (10 liters per minute) at any angle.
  • IPX5: Sprayproof. Withstands 3 minutes of watering from 3 meters away with 12.5 liters per minute of water at any angle.
  • IPX6: Water resistant. There will be no water penetration into the item in case it is sprayed with 100 liters of water per minute at any angle for 3 minutes, from 3 meters away.
  • IPX7: Submersible. Resistant to immersion in water for up to 30 minutes to a depth of up to 1 meter.
  • IPX8: Waterproof. Resistant to immersion in water to a depth of up to 1 meter. Continuous usability, temperature and other conditions play a role.
  • IPX9: Moistureproof. Resistant to humidity above 90% or when sprayed under high pressure.

Waterproof speakers for outdoor use

AquaSound’s waterproof speakers have at least the IPX4 rating While this is sufficient for outdoor use in most cases, in specific cases we still recommend the speakers with an IPX6 rating.

Speakers with an IPX4 rating are fine for use under a canopy, porch or in a gazebo or shed. Basically anywhere they are not placed in direct rain or other contact with water. Choose speakers with an IPX6 rating if the location you have in mind can get wet from rain or your garden sprinkler, for example. This is because our speakers with an IPX6 rating will continue to function even in full rain.

Waterproof speakers for sauna or steam room

In certain places, a waterproof speaker alone is not enough. For example, in the sauna or steam room. Besides the high humidity, the temperature is also a factor that the speakers must be able to withstand. AquaSound has therefore developed a special sauna speaker, but just like our bathroom speakers, this speaker can also be used multifunctionally. The Jazz Extreme has no problem with temperatures from -25 to +100 degrees Celsius. So whether you want to provide a Finnish sauna or cold room with music, the Jazz Extreme can handle it!

Waterproof speakers for motorhome or boat

RVs and boats are known to have humidity levels above 60% at times. This is usually taken into account during construction. This is precisely why we recommend choosing the waterproof version when installing speakers in the camper or boat, even indoors. Speakers with an IPX4 rating are perfect for this. If you have an outdoor installation site in mind, choose speakers with an IPX6 rating such as the Jive Eco or Jazz Extreme.

Pair waterproof speakers with a waterproof radio or your own device?

Now that you know the ratings and some applications of our waterproof speakers, the next question is; in what way do you want to play music over the speakers? Do you opt for your own device or are you just looking for a waterproof controller to do this. Just like AquaSound’s speakers, the bathroom radio is also waterproof and therefore more versatile than just for use in the bathroom. Thanks to its IPX7 rating, this radio is submersible and can withstand the harshest weather conditions. If a waterproof radio is too much luxury, you can choose to connect your own device to the waterproof speakers. You can choose Bluetooth or WiFi speakers, the main difference being the range of the receiver and the ability to play music on multiple speakers simultaneously (multiroom). This is only possible with WiFi speakers.

We are curious to know which waterproof speaker you choose and where you will install them!