Waterproof boat speakers

Although AquaSound originally focuses mainly on the bathroom, we increasingly hear that our products are used more wide-spread. For instance, our bathroom speakers are also being used as boat speakers, and our N-Joy bathroom radio as a waterproof boat radio. In this blog, we discuss the options for incorporating our products onto your boat. Whether you want extra safety and waterproof speakers in your cabin, or you want to bring your music out into the cockpit or deck, AquaSound’s speakers can handle it. And our N-Joy radio isn’t a crazy choice at all as a waterproof boat radio.

Two types of waterproof boat speakers

For convenience, we distinguish two possible places to install speakers in your boat. Namely in the cabin (inside) or in the cockpit or on the deck (outside). Although many boat builders opt for normal speakers inside, we recommend using waterproof speakers there as well. Simply because the humidity there is often high. This can affect normal speakers, while waterproof speakers can withstand it.

Boat speakers placed outside in the cockpit or on the deck must be able to withstand not only high humidity but also possible rain or even cleaning the boat with a well bucket. Speakers in this location must therefore be even more protected against water.

Good to know:The waterproof boat speakers can be used as either Bluetooth or WiFi speakers. This depends on the chosen amplifier, for the WiFi speaker, a WiFi network must be present. Therefore, Bluetooth speakers are the logical choice for most boats.

Suitable boat speakers by AquaSound

AquaSound has suitable speakers for both locations in its range. The easiest way to arrive at a suitable choice is to look at the IP rating (the degree of waterproofness).

For speakers in the cabin, speakers with an IPX4 rating are a perfect fit. These speakers are splash proof at every angle and are extremely resistant to high humidity, and even after a splash of water they will still function. Choose, for example, the versatile Twist speaker set or, if you only have room for one built-in speaker, the Samba DT which still produces a stereo sound.

Do you have a mounting location in the cockpit or on the deckkin in mind? Then choose speakers with an IPX6 rating. These speakers are truly water resistant and are ideal for outdoor use. In our assortment you will find two speakers with an IPX6 rating, the Jive Eco or the Jazz Extreme.

Waterproof boat radio

Our waterproof speakers can work with your own device as an audio source. Simply pair your smartphone or tablet to stream your desired music. But you can also go a step further by choosing a separate radio, let’s call it a boat radio for convenience.

Our N-Joy radio is a wireless radio, which, with its IPX7 rating, is submersible and therefore resistant to the harshest weather conditions. It can even fall into the water without any problems (30 minutes to a depth of up to 1 meter). The big advantage is that thanks to this waterproof boat radio you have a dedicated device for your audio, tablets and phones are thus unnecessary. You easily install radio or streaming apps via the Google Play Store, however, this requires a WiFi network. On board, you then have no hassle with separate devices that may not be waterproof. Thanks to the easy-to-use touchscreen interface, you can easily go through your apps and locally stored music.

With the easy-to-place wall bracket (with and without charging function), you can easily place the waterproof boat radio in a fixed location. Our recommendation is to place a wall mount with charging function inside the cabin, and a wall mount without charging function in the cockpit or on the deck. This way the radio always has a fixed location within easy reach.