7 tips for installing a television in the bathroom

If you are facing a bathroom renovation, a complete remodelling or an entirely new bathroom and are considering including a bathroom television, these 7 tips are for you! Here are the key points to consider when installing a television in the bathroom, from the type of connection to the ideal viewing angle. With these tips, you won’t regret your decision to install a television in the bathroom!

1. Always go for a moisture-resistant television

While the first tip may seem obvious, it is essential to stress. Not all televisions are suitable for use in the bathroom. Most regular televisions cannot withstand the high humidity, which can lead to corrosion and a shortened lifespan. In addition, there are practical problems such as condensation on the screen and non-water-resistant remote controls. Special bathroom TVs offer solutions to all these problems. Both the TV and the remote control are water-resistant, and thanks to the heated LED screen, no condensation occurs. It is therefore always wise to choose a moisture- or water-resistant television for use in the bathroom.

2. Place the bathroom TV in zone 1 or 2

Although it is possible to install a moisture- or water-resistant TV, it is still not recommended installing it in zone 0 of the bathroom (see figure), as these are the most humid areas (zone 0 is inside the bath or shower tray). The most suitable location for a television in the bathroom is zone 2 (zone 1 is also an option), located within a 60 cm radius of the bath or shower. This is where the television offers good visibility and sound. As zone 2 is located directly alongside the bath, the water resistance of the television still remains an important consideration.

3. Decide whether you want to built-in or build-on

Once you have a location in mind, possibly the most important question arises: “will you choose built-in or surface-mounted?” While the specifications of televisions are the same, the mounting method differs. A recessed model can be seamlessly integrated into the wall for a sleek bathroom look, while a surface-mounted model can be flexibly positioned with the right VESA bracket (200×200).

Please note that both models use a so-called Mediabox, the Bathroom TV’s computer. The Mediabox must be placed in a place where it cannot get wet. As standard, the Bathroom TV comes with a 150 cm long cable for the Mediabox.

4. Consider the viewing angle of the screen

Whether you choose built-in or surface-mounted, it is essential to position the television so that you have a comfortable viewing angle from the bath. Pay particular attention to your neck position: do you not need to turn or look up too much to see the screen properly? If so, you have the right viewing angle.

5. Will all desired cables reach the desired location?

Now that you know the requirements for the location for installing a bathroom television, the next question is whether all the required and desired cables can reach this location. Of course, power is needed for the Mediabox. Although the bathroom TV also works via WiFi, we recommend pulling an internet cable as well for extra stable operation of the smart functionalities. Optionally, the TV can also be equipped with a coaxial connection for digital television reception.

6. Use stainless steel screws (and brackets)

Just like the television and the remote control should be resistant to moisture and even water, the fasteners should be too. Therefore, always choose stainless steel screws and supports to keep corrosion and rust out of the bathroom.

7. Install an earth leakage circuit breaker

To build in as much safety as possible, it can be interesting to install a (separate) earth leakage circuit breaker to protect the socket in the bathroom. This is especially interesting if a new wall socket has to be installed for the bathroom television. It is certainly not a must, but while you are at it, extra safety can’t hurt. By the way, a special earthed socket in the bathroom is not necessary.

Enjoy television and streaming in the bathroom

Have you managed to find a desired location in your (new) bathroom using these 7 tips? Then enjoying live TV and your favourite streaming services – while lying in the bath – is just a few steps away.

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