Bathroom TV

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Your Bathroom TV

Relax with your favorite movie or soap.

Hours of entertainment pleasure at the end of your bath with the Bathroom TV from AquaSound. Watch your favorite series or movie. Built into the wall, this TV is the eye-catcher in every bathroom, but also as a surface mounted model, this TV will easily find its place. The screen measures 27″ with a depth of only 40 mm.The TV is waterproof, so safe to use in any bathroom.

IPX 5 Waterproof

Waterproof Remote Control

VESA 200 mm

Heated LED screen

HDMI Input

VGA Input

Full HD LED screen

Easy Intergrate

CI+ Compatible


Inwall or OnWall

Choose the recessed model (ASV2770iX) to achieve a minimalistic look with the TV placed in bathroom wall. The screen is fully integrated into the wall using the back- box. The sleek aluminium border around the TV gives a chic look. If you prefer the build up variant (ASV2770X), you are free to attach any VESA support (200×200) to the TV to firmly attach it to your wall.

Digital TV Cable-Tuner (DVB-C)

Of course you canwatch digital TV using the built-in tuner. This bathroom has a built-in digital TV tuner ... CI and CI + certified.

Digital TV Terrestrial-Tuner (DVB-T2)

In addition to a DVB-C tuner this TV also has a DVB - T2 tuner.

Hidden 'vibration' speakers

The TV has two speakers hidden in the front… you can enjoy their sound without sacrificing the sleek look of the TV. The speakers cause subtle vibrations in the glass of the TV, conveying a clear sound without any visible source. Of course it is possible to connect external bathroom speakers for an even more generous sound experience.

LED Panel

The Bathroom TV is equipped with an energy-efficient LED panel. This ensures a clear and sharp image.

Heated screen

To avoid condensation on the glass of the bathroom TV, it has a heated display. So you always look at a very clear, fog-free image.


The technology of this waterproof TV is housed entirely in the Media Box. This includes all current connections. A CI slot, 3xHDMI, 1x USB, external speaker connection, antenna connection, VGA, Audio out and 12V. The media box can be hidden behind a false wall, or in another room to ensure safe connections with your non-waterproof devices.

External bathroom speakers

The TV is equipped with internal vibration speakers. These speakers already give an amazing sound experience. It is also possible to connect external speakers
to the TV, this way you can increase the sound output even further. Any speaker from the AquaSound product range can be combined with the Bathroom TV in this way.

Product specifications & Downloads

Below you will find an overview of the specifications of the Bathroom TV.


Measurements TV
VESA connections
Screen size
Viewing angles
Heated screen
Connection media box
Lenght media cable

ASV2770iX (build in TV)

715 x 496 x 40 mm
670 x 445 x 58 mm
Yes; IPX5
27 "
Internal (external optional)
H=176 degrees / V=160 degrees
LED; Low energy (LG)
Yes; anti fog
HDMI (CEC) - USB - CI-Slot - VGA
240 cm (Not extendable)
12v / 230V (2500 mA)

ASV2770X (build up TV)

715 x 496 x 40 mm
VESA 200 (200x200 mm)
Yes; IPX5
27 "
Internal (external optional)
H=176 degrees / V=160 degrees
LED; Low energy (LG)
Yes; anti fog
HDMI (CEC) - USB - CI-Slot - VGA
240 cm (Not extendable)
12V / 230V (2500 mA)
Wich model do you choose?

Choose the built in installation TV for a fully integrated model in your bathroom. If you are looking for more flexibility, the build up variant is exactly what you are looking for.


Bathroom TV (In Wall)


Bathroom TV (On wall)