Sauna audio? Choose AquaSound

Audio in the sauna creates that next level experience. Whether it is the sauna or steam room at your home or in a wellness center. Listening to a relaxing playlist, nature sounds, singing whales or an interesting podcast provides even more relaxation. Due to the high temperatures in Finnish saunas or infrared saunas, it is important that speakers and audio systems can withstand these. But resistance to moisture and water is also important, especially in steam rooms. AquaSound has the ideal water-resistant audio solutions for saunas, steam rooms, swimming pools and wellness areas. Private and professional. In this blog we elaborate on the application of our waterproof speakers for audio in saunas, steam rooms or swimming pools.

Audio system for saunas, pools and steam rooms

An important issue with sauna audio is, of course, the audio source. AquaSound’s waterproof radio is an interesting option. Although the waterproof speakers in the range can also all work with your smartphone or tablet as an audio source, these devices cannot handle the temperature and humidity of most saunas. AquaSound’s waterproof N-Joy radio is specifically designed for use in bathrooms and humid areas. With an IPX7 rating the (radio) controller is submersible, it can be submerged for half an hour without any problems. Unfortunately, the N-Joy controller cannot withstand the high temperatures of a sauna. Therefore, place this controller with the included wall mount outside the sauna for optimal use.

The waterproof N-Joy radio connects to the sauna speakers via Bluetooth. With a range of 7 to 9 meters, you have a nice range between the speakers and the controller. At the limit of this distance, loss of quality or drops can be experienced. So keep in mind where you place the controller and wall mount. The N-Joy radio is also connected to the WiFi network to bring in streams. So you can easily play music in the sauna, in the shower or by the pool.

Speakers for in the sauna

Especially with audio in the sauna, it is important that the speakers can handle the temperature. Especially since sauna speakers are primarily mounted at the top of the sauna, the warmest location in the sauna. For this reason, AquaSound has developed a special speaker for the sauna room; the Jazz Extreme. A speaker that, as the name suggests, can handle extremes. The Jazz Extreme continues to work in temperatures between -25 and +100 degrees Celsius. With an IPX6 waterproof rating, no water penetration will occur in these speakers. This is the ideal and especially safe speaker for a Finnish sauna or infrared sauna. The 70 watt speaker provides a nice sound, which with a built-in depth of 60 mm and a width of 175 mm can be easily installed in practically every cabin.

Speakers for pools or steam rooms

Although the Jazz Extreme obviously works in pools and steam rooms, there is also a speaker in our range that is specifically designed for this purpose. The Jive Eco is a cheaper alternative with slightly inferior specifications. Like the Jazz Extreme, the Jive Eco can withstand steam and moisture with the same waterproof rating IPX6. The difference between the speakers is in the temperatures. The Jive Eco can handle up to 60 degrees Celsius. Since wet saunas and steam rooms often hover around 50 degrees, this is no problem for the Jive Eco. With a maximum output of 55 watts and only a built-in depth of 35 mm (outer diameter is 155 mm), this is a speaker that will find its place in virtually any pool or steam room.

Professional sauna audio

Want to know more about the possibilities of AquaSound audio in your sauna? Our solutions are suitable for both individual and professional customers. We would be happy to discuss the options with you for providing the audio in your hotel, wellness area, gym or sauna.