Why choose hotel audio from AquaSound?

AquaSound is proud of every hotel that decides to use its specially designed hotel products to enhance its guests’ experience. But some projects we are especially proud of. That’s why we highlight them on our blog. The first in this series is Rosa Hotel in Ostend. This new hotel has the experience at heart, and music plays an important role in that. So they teamed up with AquaSound to equip every hotel room with Bluetooth audio. But they wanted to do this without the rooms disturbing each other with their music or movie sound. In this blog, we give an insight into why Rosa Hotel chose hotel audio from AquaSound. The blog includes quotes from Tomas Sergeant, responsible for IT and Marketing at Rosa Hotel.

The Rosa Experience

At Rosa, sustainability and hospitality go hand in hand. It is a place where care for the environment and mental well-being is at the center. This is therefore directly the origin of the name: Rooms with an Optimistic and Sustainable Attitude. Environmentally friendly solutions and energy-efficient systems have been deliberately chosen. This does not get in the way of the experience, besides unique ways to reduce the footprint, the total experience of the guests is key. And this is precisely why Rosa came to AquaSound “That ranges from a 4K television with built-in chromecast, to a special retro phone and, of course, AquaSound’s bluetooth surface-mounted speakers.” All 62 rooms in this unique hotel are equipped with a bluetooth amplifier with surface-mounted speakers “We deliberately chose the surface-mounted speakers because it is has a tough look which fits perfectly into the rough but stylish interior.

Bluetooth speakers to improve hotel experience

A hotel is all about experience, and music plays an important role in that. The portable speakers we’ve tried in other hotels occasionally disappear. So a fixed installation is a better option.” Besides the disappearance of portable speakers, another obvious limitation emerged in the other hotels “You can’t limit a wireless bluetooth speaker, from Marshall for example, which means there will be noise disturbance very quickly. Obviously it is important that there is no noise pollution for the neighbors.” For this reason, the AquaSound hotel speakers are limited to 50%. In addition, the 10-watt speakers were deliberately chosen “There is not too much bass in them.
The speakers are connected directly to the 4K televisions so that this experience can be enhanced as well, without any nuisance to the neighbors.

The installation of AquaSound speakers in the hotel

Naturally, we are curious to know how the installation of the AquaSound speakers in Rosa Hotel went. About the installation, Tomas is brief but to the point “Simple and according to expectations. There is a lot involved: electricity connection for the amplifier, speaker cables to two points and in our case: also a double cinch connection next to the TV. So the TV sound can also be played through the speakers.

After the initial installation, the maximum volume of the speakers was properly tested. Thanks to this test, the limit of the speakers was set to a maximum of 50% of the power. In this way, Rosa Hotel is sure that the guests are not disturbing each other.

In total, all 62 rooms are equipped with two Bluetooth surface-mounted speakers. Rosa Hotel sees the speakers primarily as part of the experience and does not mention it as such on the website “It’s a nice extra that guests discover on the spot. We may add that to the room description in the future.

Why did Rosa Hotel choose AquaSound?

Wondering what to expect during the audio purchasing process for your own hotel? We asked why Rosa Hotel chose AquaSound. Tomas: “I had a lot of questions and they were answered correctly. The personal approach is also a deciding factor. I got immediate answers to my questions and test devices were sent to me.”

AquaSound stands for service, both for consumers and corporate clients. We are therefore pleased that this was also experienced at Rosa Hotel. “AquaSound offers good equipment and at the right price. The auto-selection between bluetooth input and line in was also one of the reasons we believe in the AquaSound solution.” With this auto-selection, the amplifier easily switches between the guest’s paired Bluetooth device or the cable-connected 4K television. Thus, the guest has no hassle with device pairing and selection. In addition, Rosa Hotel was specifically looking for a small amplifier “The amplifier was not allowed to be visible, which also turned out great.

The personal approach was also a decisive factor. AquaSound followed up on our requests well and not entirely unimportantly; delivered on time.”

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