Why install a bathroom radio?

The possibilities for playing music in the bathroom are endless, so why specifically choose a recessed bathroom radio? In this blog, we highlight the benefits of a built-in bathroom radio but also discuss a few interesting alternatives to dance around in the shower. So you can decide what is the best way for you to fill your bathroom with your favorite music.

What is a recessed radio for the bathroom

Let’s start with the basics: what is a built-in or recessed radio and what makes it suitable for use in the bathroom? A built-in radio is defined as one that has either the speakers or the radio itself built into the wall or ceiling in a fixed location.

Additional specifications are required for a built-in bathroom radio. For example, both the radio and the speakers must be waterproof, or at least moisture-resistant. Only then can longevity be guaranteed in the most humid room of the house.

bathroom radio waterproof

AquaSound’s N-Joy bathroom radio

The N-Joy Bathroom Radio from AquaSound is, in our opinion, the ideal built-in radio for the bathroom. The wireless N-Joy radio controller is completely waterproof (IPX7) and can be taken into the shower stall or even the bathtub without any problems. Through this controller, you can change what you are listening to even while you are in the shower or bath. The sound comes from recessed speakers with a sleek and modern look. You can choose from different speakers in different colors that differ in power, diameter and depth.

Choose one of our bathroom radio sets with two waterproof recessed speakers or put together your own bathroom radio set with our wide range of bathroom speakers. You can pair the N-Joy with any of the speakers in our range.

Although the N-Joy controller is wireless, it still needs a fixed installation location. This is the way the controller is charged and additionally it creates a convenient fixed location in your bathroom. Place the magnetic wall mount with charging functionality in a convenient, easily accessible location centrally in the bathroom. An additional wall bracket without charging functionality is available specifically for the shower cubicle or next to the bathtub. This gives the bathroom radio its permanent place there too, and you can easily switch between music, radio stations or podcasts. Currently, in addition to 12GB of its own memory, the N-Joy Bathroom Radio supports the following streaming services:

  • Spotify
  • TuneIn Radio
  • Apple Music
  • Deezer
  • Tidal
  • Amazon Music

Advantages of a built-in radio

  • The radio is always there
  • Always charged
  • No hassle with separate speaker(s)
  • No more switching audio sources (multi-person household)
  • Space saving
  • Fitting within every bathroom design
  • Better sound
bathroom radio built-in

What are the alternatives to a recessed bathroom radio?

If you have no intention of changing songs, radio stations or podcasts in the shower or bath, a built-in radio may not be necessary. In fact, you can also build in just the waterproof speakers and combine them with a Bluetooth or WiFi receiver. You can then pair your own device to listen to music in the bathroom via your phone or tablet, for example.

Doubting between Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speakers? We explain the differences and help you make a choice. One key difference is that Bluetooth is a single room solution where WiFi speakers can be used as a multiroom solution.

Disadvantages of separate speakers i.c.w. own device

  • Device cannot be taken into the shower stall
  • Device may be forgotten, being charged or empty
  • Pairing different device each time (for multi-person household)
  • Moisture can affect device lifespan