Create your own modern bathroom

Having an entire bathroom renovated can sometimes be a pricey undertaking. And that’s a shame when the bathroom can still be used for years. There are alternatives to create the feeling of a modern bathroom yourself. To add more luxury and make the bathroom feel like new again. Perhaps not in appearance, but certainly in feeling and use. Especially if you have a bathtub, there are interesting possibilities, for example by installing a TV in the bathroom. But also by introducing music into the bathroom a new atmosphere is created which makes the bathroom feel like new again and ensures years of pleasure. We explain the possibilities, the best thing about these modifications is that you can easily install them yourself.

Bathroom with TV

The most ultimate way to relax, of course, is in the bathtub. For example, did you know that relaxing in a bathtub is good for your physical health? Bathing relieves muscle pain and can even reduce spikes in blood sugar levels, which in turn contributes to a good night’s sleep. So taking a bath before sleeping is not such a crazy idea.

Yet the bath is used less, a common drawback is that it is boring to lie in the bath. After all, what is there to do in the bath or what is there to watch in the bathroom? Simple, watching your favorite talk show or TV program! But you can also just continue watching your favorite series or documentary on streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ or Prime. How you do this? With the waterproof AquaSound bathroom TV, of course! This way you get the best of both worlds, you no longer miss a show while relaxing in the bath even more. This way you finally have a reason to stay in bath longer!

You easily install the AquaSound bathroom TV yourself, especially the surface-mounted version hangs on the wall in the bathroom quite quickly. But also the recessed version is not very difficult, although there must of course be room for a recess or the possibility of making it yourself. In our online manual you can read exactly how both versions are installed. So you can already see which version is most suitable for your bathroom.

Radio in the bathroom

Don’t have a bathtub, or just not a fan of watching TV? There are other ways to make the bathroom an even nicer place in the house! How about music in the bathroom, for example? Or just listen to your favorite podcast. AquaSound’s waterproof speakers and bathroom radio make it easy to take your favorite audio into the bathroom. So you can enjoy it while brushing your teeth, making up or shaving. But it is even possible to listen to your favorite radio station or playlist in the shower stall.

Thanks to the waterproof radio, you’re always in control of what’s playing. The radio can be taken into the shower and even into the bathtub. Using the touchscreen, you can easily change songs or radio stations while taking a shower. The N-Joy Connect, our newest bathroom radio, works with its own app library containing the six most popular audio apps. This makes it easy to put your favorite streaming apps (Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Tidal or Apple Music) on the bathroom radio (a subscription may be required). The TuneIn Radio app gives you free access to over 100,000 radio stations, international, national and even regional! With 12 GB of internal memory, the N-Joy Bathroom Radio also allows you to put your favorite music on the controller.

Installing a radio in the bathroom is also quite easy. Since these are built-in speakers, you do need a suspended ceiling with enough space. You will also find a manual online for installing the bathroom radio. So you know exactly what to expect once your order arrives.

Easy to install yourself

With AquaSound, you won’t find any tricky installations, just products that – after the plug is plugged in – are ready to use immediately. No technical knowledge for installation or use is required…. That’s what we call Plug and Play. And that’s our goal. You therefore easily install the bathroom TV or radio yourself with the help of our manuals.