Waterproof radio: N-Joy more than a bathroom radio

Although the name of our N-Joy Bathroom Radio suggests that it can only be used in the bathroom, the opposite is true. In fact, the waterproof N-Joy radio can be used anywhere. From the most humid room in the house (the bathroom) to the kitchen, outside in the garden or on the terrace, even in the swimming pool, as well as in any other room or the (home) office. The radio is waterproof (IPX7) and can stay under water for up to half an hour without any problems. Therefore, rain and humidity are no problem for this waterproof radio. The possibilities are endless, where would you like to place it?

AquaSound’s wireless waterproof radio

AquaSound’s waterproof radio works a little different than most other (waterproof) radios. This originates from its specific use for the bathroom, but it also proves to add value in other locations. Where many radios are a combination of speakers and radio in one, this has been separated with AquaSound’s moisture-proof radio. There is a separate controller (the radio) on which everything is controlled, apps can be installed and you can listen to your favorite radio station or streaming service. This controller connects wirelessly to one or more of the built-in waterproof speakers from the AquaSound range.

The great advantage of this set-up is that you can take the radio (controller) with you in the shower stall or in the bathtub. So that you can change radio stations, playlists or songs even while in the shower. But this is also a nice addition outside the bathroom. With built-in waterproof speakers fixed in place, you stay mobile with the controller. Take it into the Jacuzzi, under the porch or on the patio in the garden. Of course, you can also choose a fixed location for the controller. With the handy magnetic wall mount, you can easily place it on the wall. There is a charging function in the wall holder so we recommend hanging it in a dry place. If you prefer to place the waterproof radio on the wall in the elements, use the wall mount without the charging function.

The N-Joy controller lasts about 120 minutes without recharging. Our advice is to always place the controller back on the wall mount so that it is always ready for use when you take it off.

Designed for use in the bathroom

The N-Joy is designed primarily for use in the bathroom. It is rated with an IPX7 rating; the controller is submersible and can withstand immersion in water for up to 30 minutes to a depth of up to 1 meter. The waterproof speakers are available in different sizes and IP ratings. So that you can choose exactly what is desirable in your situation. AquaSound’s waterproof speakers have at least the IPX4 rating. This means they are splash proof and can withstand water sprays (10 liters per minute) at any angle. Should this be insufficient, we also have waterproof speakers with an IPX6 rating, these speakers continue to function without problems even in the full rain.

But also the waterproof radio for outdoor use

Thanks to the submersible nature of the N-Joy controller, and the wide choice of waterproof speakers, the N-Joy is also the waterproof radio for outdoors. For example, in combination with our Jazz Extreme (IPX6), which can handle temperatures from -25 to +100 degrees Celsius.

The waterproof N-Joy radio connects to the speakers via Bluetooth. With a range of 7 to 9 meters, you have a nice range between the speakers and the controller. At the limit of this distance, loss of quality or drops can be experienced. So keep in mind where you place the controller and wall mount. The N-Joy radio also connects to the WiFi network to bring in streams so you can listen to your favorite music or exciting podcasts.

Buy online or find a dealer

Wondering what the waterproof N-Joy radio looks like in real life? AquaSound has dealers throughout the Netherlands, using the interactive map you can easily find a store near you. Have you already decided and would you prefer to have it at home yesterday? Through our webshop you can easily buy the N-Joy radio online, unfortunately we do not deliver in the past but we do our best to send your order as soon as possible!