AquaSound Bathroom TVs now smart

The AquaSound Bathroom TV always leads the way in terms of its moisture resistance. Now it is also completely up to date with the latest technology. The AquaSound Bathroom TV is smart! Do not just watch live TV from the bath anymore, but also easily stream your favorite programs, series and movies. Via any streaming platform. Thanks to Google’s Play Store, you have access to numerous delightful Apps for Smart televisions. To us, it sounds like the ideal combination; streaming from your bath! That way you can watch exactly what you want to watch at any time of the day. Whether it’s on Netflix, YouTube or Prime. This is exactly why you can now only find the smart Bathroom TV at our dealers and in our webshop.

The advantages of a Smart TV

The big change (and the big advantage) compared to the old AquaSound Bathroom TV is that the smart version is connected to the Internet*. This means that, just like on a smartphone, apps can be installed on the TV. AquaSound uses the Google Play Store because it offers the widest range of apps and is easy to use.

*This Internet connection can be made either via your Wi-Fi network or with a LAN cable (recommended). Of course, the TV also works without an Internet connection.

Through the Google Play Store you can easily install apps like Netflix, Prime, YouTube, Disney+ or HBO+. This way, you are no longer dependent on what is being broadcast on live TV channels. Although, of course, the waterproof smart TV is equipped with DVB-C and DVB-T tuner. So the smart TV is also just the familiar waterproof TV from AquaSound with endless viewing pleasure!

The AquaSound smart Bathroom TV

Like its predecessor, we like to keep things simple with the waterproof bathroom TV. For example, there is only one size; 27 inches. The ideal size for a TV in the bathroom! You do have the choice of a built-in or a surface-mounted TV. These televisions do not differ from each other, only the way they are mounted is different. This is the most important choice because you cannot later choose to use the built-in TV as a surface-mounted TV, or vice versa. The TV is fully equipped for use in the bathroom with an IPX5 waterproof rating. With Full HD resolution and a heated screen, to prevent condensation, you will watch the highest quality movies and series from the bath without any hassle. Because it uses the Android TV operating system, you are assured of quality, safety and a wide range of apps.

Of course, with the AquaSound waterproof smart TV you will also receive the service we are known for. You will receive a standard 24-month warranty.

Curious about the installation method and how easy it is to set up the TV? Read the manual here.

Why a waterproof smart TV?

In our opinion, the waterproof smart TV is a real addition in the bathroom. Of course, so were the older bathroom TVs. But with the addition of virtually every streaming platform, you now truly watch everything from the comfort of your bathtub. And that’s without the hassle and additions of external devices not actually intended for use in the bathroom. Therefore, a waterproof smart TV could not fail to appear.

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