Waterproof TVs

Bathroom TV
Hours of relaxation pleasure with the Bathroom TV. Watch your favourite drama or film. Thanks to the Smart functionality, every app can be downloaded from the Google Play store, this way Youtube or Netflix are also within reach. Built into the wall, this TV is an eye-catcher in every bathroom, but it will also easily find its place as a wall-mounted model. The screen measures 27 inches with a depth of only 25 mm. The TV is waterproof, so it is safe to use in any bathroom.

Choose the built-in model (ASV2770iXS) if you want to achieve a minimalist look within the bathroom walls. The screen is fully integrated in the wall by means of the back-box. The slim aluminium edge around the TV gives it a chic look. If you prefer the surface-mounted version (ASV2770XS), you are free to connect any VESA (200 x 200) bracket to the TV. This way, you create a more flexible model that can be turned or tilted, depending on the used VESA bracket.

Outdoor TV
The Outdoor TVs can be placed outside without any problems, so you can also enjoy watching TV outside during the many hours of sunshine. A nice film, or invite friends over to watch World Cup football or hockey. The Outdoor TV is available in 55 inch. That's nice and large.

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