Hotel room audio with Wifi or Bluetooth

Planning to equip your hotel rooms with quality audio? Then you have come to the right place. We take you into the guest’s train of thought, discuss the options for hotel room audio and explain how it works. This way, you can make the right decision for your hotel without it soon being overwhelmed by different musical genres of your guests. In fact, the amount of speakers for audio in your hotel can be limited as desired. For instance by limiting the volume, but also by providing the bluetooth speakers per hotel room with a unique name and password combination. With our range of (waterproof) speakers, there is a suitable speaker for every hotel room.

Your guests want to stream their own music via hotel room audio

We can no longer imagine our daily lives without the mobile phone or tablet. We use them for all sorts of things. It is therefore somewhat weird if we cannot use them on holiday, a stay over the weekend or during a business stay as we do at home. This is also evident from a survey conducted by among hotel guests. For instance, over 75% say they would like to stream via his/her mobile phone to an audio source present in the hotel room. In other words, over 75% would like to have an audio source present in the hotel room so that they can stream self-selected music via their own mobile phone. In addition, more than 50% say they want to stream via their tablet (too) and more than 60% want to be able to connect their laptop to a speaker present in the hotel room. So the importance of hotel room audio is growing. But there is an upside to this desire of guests, for instance, almost 70% are willing to pay €3.50 to €5.50 more per night for a hotel room with Bluetooth or WiFi-Audio.

Wifi or Bluetooth hotel room audio?

If you compare the range of consumer speakers on offer, you will notice that there are broadly two types of speakers on offer: Bluetooth and Wifi speakers. In a domestic setting, with multiple speakers in different rooms, Wifi speakers are recommended. In a hotel room, however, this is different, as it should not be possible to control speakers from other hotel rooms. Therefore, the recommendation for most hotels is to opt for Bluetooth speakers. AquaSound offers Bluetooth speakers that are secured with a unique PIN code, the range is up to 10 metres which can even be extended to 15 metres via the optional ‘extension-kit’. More than enough for the average hotel room.

Do you think your hotel would benefit from Wifi speakers? Then contact us to discuss your situation. We will gladly think along with you to find a suitable solution for your hotel rooms.

How AquaSound hotel room audio works

For the sake of convenience, we assume that Bluetooth speakers are the best choice for your hotel. Each room gets its own Bluetooth audio system which is delivered custom-made. Installing hotel room audio is easy. We have already set up the unique PIN code per room and a unique name/room number for you. All you have to do is set the maximum volume and the Bluetooth audio system is ready for use. Each suite or room ends up with a personalised product. This allows guests to pair their devices only with the audio system whose code they know.
To prevent nuisance in neighbouring rooms, the maximum volume can be fixed. Whether you want to limit it to 50% or 80%, that choice is entirely up to you. The guest will never know they are restricted, while other rooms will never experience nuisance this way. This way, high quality music can still be fully enjoyed without compromising other guests’ experiences.

By using Bluetooth hotel room audio, your guest always remains ‘in control’. They do not have to familiarise themselves with a new system, but simply pair their own device with the amplifier and then listen to music via their own apps. Our speakers work with IOS, Windows and Android devices alike. Maximum enjoyment for your customers. And that while installation takes no more than 8-10 minutes. An installer will have no trouble doing so. This keeps installation costs to a minimum.

Curious about the possibilities? Check out our product range especially for hotel rooms here.