Music in the bathroom? These are your options!

Swinging in the shower, brushing your teeth with your favorite song or bathing with a relaxing background music? This is how you get it done! This blog explains exactly what it takes to enjoy your favorite music in the bathroom. It’s easier than you think and easy to install yourself, but a technician wouldn’t mind doing it during a renovation either. It starts with the bathroom speakers, because the humidity in a bathroom makes normal speakers unusable. That is why AquaSound has developed special moisture-resistant bathroom speakers. With each model from our range, you can choose how to play music, either via your own device or with our very complete N-Joy bathroom radio.

Waterproof bathroom speakers

The first step, of course, is connecting the speakers in the bathroom. AquaSound has a wide range of waterproof speakers made specifically for the bathroom. They can withstand high humidity and some of our speakers are even heat resistant so that they can also be used in a sauna or steam room. The entire range can be built into the suspended ceiling of the bathroom. With varying installation sizes from 35 mm to 79 mm, there is a suitable speaker for every ceiling.

But our speakers differ on more fronts than just the installation size. Choose, for example, the Samba DT, a single speaker that still provides stereo sound. However, the other Samba model offers unprecedented sound as well. The Twist is our most popular speaker, praised for its small size with great performance. At 35 mm, the Jive Economy requires the least installation depth, but that certainly does not limit its sound. Due to its larger cone, this speaker provides a deeper bass response that makes your music fill the bathroom even better.

By default, most bathroom speakers in our range are available in white, matte black and matte chrome. Doesn’t this color fit? Through Moods, it is possible to choose virtually any color you desire. All of our bathroom speakers can provide music in the bathroom in two ways, either as standalone speakers using your smartdevice as an audio source or with our N-Joy bathroom radio.

Bathroom Radio N-Joy

The most versatile choice for music in the bathroom is created by choosing an N-Joy bathroom radio. This allows you to easily stream all types of music, from (Internet) radio stations to Spotify or your own music selection that can be put on the 12GB controller. The controller with the 5″ touchscreen is completely waterproof and can be taken into the bath or shower. This way you can easily change songs or radio stations even while bathing or showering.
The N-Joy controller is wireless and comes with a magnetic wall holder that doubles as a charger. By hanging this wall holder in a strategic location (not in the shower) you can easily operate the radio even when you are busy in the bathroom. N-Joy bathroom radio has a play time of 100 minutes when not in the wall-mounted holder. Once the controller is placed in the wall mount, you can enjoy endless music in the bathroom.

Music in the bathroom via your device

Is the bathroom radio too much of a luxury and would you rather play music in the bathroom via your own smartphone or other device? That is also possible with AquaSound’s bathroom speakers. In that case, the use of an amplifier/receiver is required. This makes it possible to connect your own device to the speaker(s), this connection can be made via Bluetooth or Wifi. We explain the difference in the two options below.

Choose either Bluetooth or Wifi

If you are only going to play music in the bathroom then Bluetooth is often sufficient. Although it has a distance limitation, with a range of about 7 to 9 meters, this is more than enough for most bathrooms. On the other hand, if you want to listen to your favorite music in multiple rooms simultaneously (multiroom) then Wifi is the solution. These are ideal to integrate throughout the house and allow multiple speakers to be connected simultaneously. Wifi speakers are connected to the same (home) network as the phone and are therefore always available as long as you are on the same network with your audio source.

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