Buy Wi-Fi or Bluetooth speakers? The differences explained

If you are looking for a new (waterproof) speaker or, on the contrary, for multiple speakers, you will quickly notice that a choice has to be made between Bluetooth speakers or Wifi speakers. Within the AquaSound range of waterproof built-in speakers you also have this choice. In this blog, we’ll go over the differences so you can make an informed choice between a Wifi or Bluetooth speaker. If you want to install more than two speakers, then Wifi speakers are the most obvious. There is a reason we say: Bluetooth speakers are good, Wifi speakers are better.

The difference between Wifi and Bluetooth

Obviously, the main difference between Bluetooth and Wifi speakers is how the connection is made between the audio source and the speaker(s). Here it is especially important to keep the audio source (or future audio source) in mind and whether it is Bluetooth and/or Wifi supported. With a Bluetooth speaker, a permanent direct connection is made between the audio source and the speaker. Music can only be streamed from one audio source once it is connected to the speaker. With a Wifi speaker, this connection is through your own Wifi network. This makes it easier to switch audio sources and it has the added benefit of using less of the audio source’s battery power, since it is usually already connected to the Wi-Fi network.

The two ways of connecting with the speakers have different characteristics while the speakers can be virtually the same. For example, the range of Bluetooth is not as far as that of Wifi. A Bluetooth speaker is often limited to 7-9 meters. Wifi speakers are accessible to all devices on the same Wifi network. So the range is as long as the range of your Wifi network. With Bluetooth speakers, only a maximum of one pair (i.e., two speakers) can be paired at the same time. The quality of the music to be streamed also varies. Although you need a well-trained ear for this, there is a difference in sound quality between Bluetooth (2.1 Mbit/s) and Wifi (11 Mbit/s) speakers.

Bluetooth speakers vs. Wifi speakers

There is a reason we say “Bluetooth speakers are good, Wifi speakers are better.” But that doesn’t mean Wifi speakers are better suited for every situation though. Depending on your use, Wifi speakers can be an overkill. If you only want to play music in a fixed space (such as the bathroom or shower stall), where the audio source is never too far away, Bluetooth is still a great solution. When the audio source is not located near the speaker, or you want to place multiple speakers that can be used simultaneously (or independently), then Wifi is necessary. Wifi no longer has distance limitations, virtually no “drops” and is suitable for one or more zones. Find an overview of the differences between Wifi and Bluetooth speakers below and decide which one you prefer.

advantages wifi and bluetooth speakers

Benefits of AquaSound speakers

One thing that all AquaSound speakers have in common is that they are waterproof. They can be used in the wettest room in the house (the bathroom) but can also be used outdoors some even in the sauna. As already indicated, there is no difference between the speakers themselves, as they can be supplied with a Bluetooth receiver or a Wifi receiver. AquaSound focuses mainly on recessed speakers. These can be easily incorporated into false ceilings, whether outside, in the kitchen, living room or bathroom. With AquaSound you incorporate beautiful sound in every room.