Shower stall with radio? Install an AquaSound system!

Although there are complete built-in shower stalls with radio for sale, there is an alternative. An alternative that can generally save you a lot of money. You can install a shower radio yourself. The AquaSound range offers various High-End solutions for enjoying your favorite music or radio station in the shower or bathroom. All AquaSound products are waterproof and can therefore be used even in the shower stall. You can choose how you prefer to listen to the radio in the shower, this can be via our N-Joy bathroom radio with built-in speakers but it can also be done by just building in a waterproof speaker to which you connect your own device (via WiFi or Bluetooth). The result is the same; a bathroom or shower stall full of music!

N-Joy; the recessed shower radio from AquaSound

The N-Joy music system is the complete bathroom and/or shower stall radio equipped with the latest technology. The waterproof radio consists of a controller and two built-in bathroom speakers. With the magnetic wall mount (which doubles as a charger) included as standard, you can easily hang the N-Joy controller in a functional spot in your bathroom. This way, you can also use the radio without being in the shower. Step into the shower together with the N-Joy controller to change songs or radio stations in the shower. The controller is completely waterproof so it can be used in the shower or bath without any problems. With an additional wall mount (without charging function) it is also possible to give the N-Joy controller a fixed location in the shower.

The location of the bathroom speakers is entirely up to you. These can be placed both inside and outside the shower stall. The installation dimensions of the waterproof AquaSound speakers range from 35 mm to 79 mm. So there is a suitable speaker for practically every bathroom or shower stall.

The N-Joy Connect, our newest bathroom radio, works with its own app library containing the six most popular audio apps. This makes it easy to put your favorite streaming apps (Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Tidal or Apple Music) on the bathroom radio (a subscription may be required). The TuneIn Radio* app gives you free access to over 100,000 radio stations, international, national and even regional! Using the 5″ touchscreen, you can easily click through radio stations or your own Spotify playlists**. Of course it is also possible to put your own music on the N-Joy controller, with 12GB storage space you have room for an average of 3,000 songs or about 150 hours of music.

* WiFi required
** Premium account required

Radio in the shower via own device combined with waterproof bathroom speakers

Do you already know for sure that you will mainly stream to the built-in shower radio with your own device? Then the complete set-up may be unnecessary. It is also possible to build in only bathroom speakers with a WiFi or Bluetooth receiver. This allows you to pair your SmartPhone or Tablet directly to the waterproof ceiling speakers and easily stream your favorite music or radio station. As mentioned above, the speakers can be built into any suspended ceiling with a depth of 35 mm or more.

This is the smallest and cheapest option to create your own shower stall with radio. Simply connect one or more speakers in your bathroom and enjoy perfect sound in no time. The only choice left to make within this option is whether to go for WiFi or Bluetooth speakers in the shower.

Choose from WiFi or Bluetooth speakers in the shower

If you are only going to play music in the bathroom then Bluetooth is often sufficient. Although it has a distance limitation, with an indoor range of 7 to 9 meters, this is more than enough for most bathrooms. On the other hand, if you want to listen to your favorite music in multiple rooms simultaneously (multiroom) then WiFi is the solution. These are ideal to integrate throughout the house and allow multiple speakers to be connected simultaneously. WiFi bathroom speakers are on the same (home) network as the audio source and are therefore always available as long as you are on the same network with the audio source.

Want more information about the N-Joy bathroom radio or just about AquaSound’s waterproof speakers? Then continue reading on our website.