Outdoor speakers with Wifi

Your favorite music in the background during a barbecue in the garden, a relaxing tune while sunbathing, playing in the pool or simply while gardening? Listening to music outside often equates to turning on the radio loudly inside so that it can just be heard outside. Or using wireless bluetooth speakers, whose battery runs out exactly at the wrong time. All this is history by installing outdoor Wifi speakers from AquaSound. The great thing is that the speakers can stay outside all year round. The advantages of our Wifi built-in speakers have already been explained in this previous blog. And those benefits also apply outside (in the garden)! Is Wifi, for multiroom use of the speakers, unnecessary? Then read the blog about our waterproof Bluetooth speakers for outdoors.

Waterproof Wifi speakers for outdoors

Obviously the most important point for Wifi speakers that can be used outdoors is that they can withstand all weather conditions. AquaSound’s Wifi speakers are specially designed for the most humid room in the house, the bathroom. For instance, with our range you can easily create your own shower cubicle with a built-in radio. But the application of our range does not stop in the bathroom. It is only an extreme that our speakers can handle. After all, the bathroom equals a lot of moisture, which is why all our speakers are rated at least IPX4 waterproof. This is also more than sufficient for outdoor use. Some speakers in the AquaSound program even have the IPX6 rating, which means they continue to function even in the pouring rain

The AquaSound product range consists of seven different bathroom speakers, all of which can be used outdoors as Wifi speakers. They differ from one another in terms of shape, installation size or sound quality. This allows you to choose exactly what you find important for your outdoor speakers. Our speakers are standard available in white, black or matte chrome. But how nice is it to have your built-in speakers match the rest of your garden? Upon request, we can deliver the speakers in more than 200 RAL colors. This way you give your speakers a unique touch that blends in beautifully with the rest of the garden.

The best outdoor Wifi speaker

Although all AquaSound speakers can be used outdoors, we ourselves have a favorite outdoor speaker: the Jazz Exterme. This speaker can withstand extreme weather conditions, making it a guaranteed success in any outdoor location. Whether in a boat, garden or balcony. The Jazz Extreme has no problems with temperatures from -25 to +100 degrees Celsius. This also makes it the ideal sauna speaker, which perhaps says enough about what this speaker can handle.

Like all AquaSound speakers, the Jazz Extreme can be connected to either a Bluetooth or Wifi receiver. You simply select the desired speaker and then choose how you want to play music. But you can also go one step further and include the bathroom radio in your installation.

Or choose a waterproof outdoor radio

Thanks to the Wifi receiver, you can easily use your own device as an audio source for the outdoor Wifi speakers. But you can also expand the system with an additional audio source. AquaSound’s waterproof radio, the N-Joy Music Center lets you easily listen to Spotify, Internet radio or your favorite music (12GB storage capacity). It too is designed for bathroom use, even for use in the shower stall. Therefore, rain or other weather conditions are no problem at all. The N-Joy Music Center features a 5″ touchscreen with an easy-to-use interface. This allows you to listen to your favorite music or radio station outside in the garden. It is however necessary to be connected to the Internet when using this waterproof radio outdoors. You have the option to connect your own phone or tablet to the radio, so you can stream music from these devices. With the magnetic wall holder (also charging station), the N-Joy Music Center always has a nice permanent place in your garden, but remains mobile in use.

Installing wifi speakers outside

AquaSound only offers (Wifi) built-in speakers for outdoor use. This requires an empty space, such as a false ceiling, where the speakers are built in. Think of canopies, porches or even the shed as suitable locations for placing the speakers. It is important that the location of the speaker is within range of your Wifi network.

The big advantage of Wifi speakers is that they can be used multiroom (listening in multiple rooms at the same time). Outdoor Wifi speakers are easy to expand indoors and can be integrated throughout the house. The speaker is on the same (home) network as the phone and is therefore always available as long as you are on the same network with the audio source. Multiple devices can also be paired with the Wifi speakers, making you even more flexible. So lets get the garden parties started.