Move Bluetooth ceiling speaker

Build-in Bluetooth speaker set (Move)

Your SmartPhone as audio source for this installation speaker set... Easily paired via Bluetooth. Stream your favourite music and relax. This high-end Bluetooth speaker set can be integrated perfectly into the suspended ceiling of a bathroom.

Waterdichte Bluetooth speaker

70 Watts

Easy Intergrate


Bluetooth 4.0

The High-end build in speakerset for your kitchen, your bathroom or your porch

These high-end Bluetooth speaker set can be integrated perfectly into the suspended ceiling of the bathroom. But also in the kitchen or under your porch this set will function very well. The large speakers (diameter 230 mm) will display the sound crystal clear. From the deepest to the highest tones. A speaker set that will fit perfectly in any bathroom. This high-end kit is the ‘cream of the crop’ within the AquaSound range. Stream high quality personal music files, but also the music from your Deezer or Spotify playlist, or any other APP. A set that is easy to install and use. Read below for all the possibilities and features.

The 'Move' speakers are fully integrated in the ceiling.
The screw hooks ensure rapid fixation in the ceiling.



Bluetooth (4.0) technology (compatible with modern products) ensures a stable (and interference-free) sound transmission up to 10 meters. Once paired with a Smartphone or tablet you are able to move freely throughout the room and stream the music of your choice.

24V adapter

This High-End product has a power capacity of 70Watts (40W RMS) which is delivered by an external Power source of 230V/24V. This tranformator can easily be placed behind the ceiling.

The Move speaker 'in action'

Moisture resistant

The high-end speakers are moisture resistant. The plastic housing combined with a Kevlar cone and a triple coated grille, ensure that the speakers will keep doing their job under difficult circumstances.

Moods…. create the perfect match

Each speaker in the right colour, that suits the room. This is possible with ‘Moods. Choose one of over 200 colours that are available to fit the speakers to colour of the room just to give it that extra exclusive touch.

stay 'in control'

You will always be in control since you are using you own mobile device and APPs. Your sound gets streamed directly to the High end speakers that are build in to the ceiling.

AUX connection

This set is also equipped with an AUX jack (mini-jack). With this you can connect an external device (for example an AquaSound TV) to loop its sound through the Bluetooth speakers. Once a bluetooth device gets connected, the AUX connection will be disabled again.

Connection backside

AUX jack (Auto- selectable) is used to transfer the sound from external devices. If a Bluetooth connection is active, the AUX connection will automatically be deactivated. In addition, a speaker connector (red-black) is provided and connected to a second (passive) speaker.

High-lights frontside

Refine the bass. With the three position switch, you can set the bass volume to match your own preferences. In addition, the tweeter (the treble) can be directed towards the user. The speaker grille is using 8 mini magnets to be held in place, but lends itself to quickly remove it to make small adjustments behind the grille.

Quickly installed

The installation time will only take 8 till 10 minutes and is very easy. This way costs for installation can be reduced.

Plug & Play

Technical knowledge is not necessary. Just plug in and the Bluetooth Speaker set is ready for use. Connect with Bluetooth and you are ready to go.

Product main features

An overview of the main features of this product.

size: 230 mm (round)
Hole size: 210 mm (round)
Bluetooth versie: 4.0 (A2DP)
Power: 70 Watt @ 8 Ohm (peak)
Range: 65Hz tot 20kHz
Distance: to 15 meter (in open field)
Mounting Dept: 95 mm
Speakercolor: RAL 9010
Adapter: 230V / 24v (3A)
Which model do you choose

Choose for the ‘Move’ speaker if you want to use your audio device as audio source. You can also choos for the WiFi version of this model, or you can choose to use the WiFi speaker with the N-Joy Music Center controller to ever have a fully waterproof radio system at your (wet) fingertips in the bathroom.

Waterdichte inbouw speaker
Waterdichte Bluetooth speaker


Speaker-set 'Conga'


Speaker-set 'Move'