Bathroom speakers

Bathroom speakers

A complete productline of waterproof speakers that can be built into any ceiling. Some models are made to minimize the amount of space they will take up while still providing you with sound to fill an entire bathroom. Other models have been made to function in extreme heat or cold. All speakers can be combined with Bluetooth systems from the AquaSound range, and are fully suitable with the AquaSound N-Joy Music Center controller. Feel free to browse and find the speaker that best suits your needs.


All speakers are waterproof and suitable for use in the bathroom. The materials for the housing are made of plastic or aluminum. Combined with a cone of polypropylene, aluminum or Kevlar it creates an ideal product that can perform optimally under even the toughest of conditions.

Bathroom speaker "Twist"

The ‘Twist’ is a small speaker that still boasts big performance. This model is supplied as the standard with all the complete music systems or Bluetooth systems within the AquaSound range.

Spring clips
4" conus
45 Watt (25W RMS) @ 8 OHm
135 mm (Hole size 110 mm)
Wit (RAL 9016)
45 mm depth
Range 75 - 20000 Hz

Bathroom speaker "Jive Economy"

The model 'Jive Eco' is slightly larger than the 'Twist' bathroom speaker series. The mounting depth is only 35 mm. Due to its larger cone this model has a deeper bass response than the Twist speaker. This speaker is only available in the colour white. The four screws are covered by a foam ring after installation.

Screw mounting
5" conus (Dual)
Polypropyleen conus
55 Watt (30W RMS) @ 8 Ohm
155 mm (Hole size 128 mm)
35 mm depth
Reach: 102 - 20000 Hz

Bathroom speaker "Samba"

The 'Samba' series is a speaker that can provide a spacious bathroom of unprecedented sound. This model is available in a round or square version. The square Samba speaker has a power of 80 Watts, a swivel tweeter and aluminium cone.

Clamping screw system
5,25" conus (Aluminium)
0,75" Turnable tweeter
80 Watt (40W RMS) @ 8 Ohm
white / Matt chrome
215 mm (R) / 177x177 mm (V)
45 mm depth
Range 65 - 20000 Hz

Bathroom speaker 'Samba 4065'

The 'Samba' series is a speaker that can provide a spacious bathroom of unprecedented sound. This model is available in a round or square version. The round Samba speaker has a power of 70 Watts, a swivel tweeter and kevlar cone.

Clamping screw system
5" conus (kevlar)
70 Watt (40W RMS) @ 8 Ohm
205 mm (Hole size: 179 mm)
75 mm depth
White or Matte chrome
Order nr: SPKSamba4065-W

Bathroom speaker "Samba DT"

The 'Samba DT' distinguishes itself from the other speakers in the AquaSound range. Samba DT is one speaker that will still produce a stereo sound. Both the left and right channel is passed to this speaker with a Dual Tweeter, that enables its unique functionality. Samba DT is a generous speaker with outer diameter of 230 mm and is available in white or matte chrome.

Spring clip system
6.5" polypropyleen conus
80 Watt (45W RMS) @ 8 Ohm
230 mm (Hole size 205 mm)
white or matt chrome
79 mm depth
Range 60 - 20000 Hz

Bathroom speaker 'Jazz Extreme'

If it really needs to get extreme, then the Jazz Extreme series is the right choice. Temperatures of -25 to +100 degrees Celsius are no problem for this model. In the sauna or outside. There is no mountain too high for this model.

screw mounting
5.25" conus (Dual)
heat resistant conus
70 Watt (40W RMS) @ 8 Ohm
175 mm (Hole size 120 mm)
60 mm depth
-25 tot +100 degree Celsius
White (RAL 9010)
Reach 75 - 20000 Hz

What speaker has the sound you want?

All speakers have been designed to work with the other products from the AquaSound line (our bathroom TV for example) but can also be combined with your own amplifier. The choice is up to you.