N-Joy Music Center

N-Joy Music Center / N-Joy× Music Center

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With the N-Joy sets, the connection between N-Joy and speakers (amplifier) is via Bluetooth. With the N-Joy×, communication between N-Joy× and speakers (amplifier) is done via WiFi.

The waterproof music system for the bathroom. Fully integrated in the bathroom.
These bathroom radios act as a central point in the bathroom. The watertight controller is 'stand-by' in the magnetic wall holder. You choose your favorite radio station (via internet radio*) and the music sounds through the speakers in the ceiling or the stylish Sound-Bar. You do not need a mobile phone - you can connect one, but do not have to - fully enjoy this music system. A system that can be built into the bathroom, the kitchen or anywhere. An extremely complete, waterproof, music system.

* Wifi required

These bathroom radios are easy and quick to install anywhere. This often does not have to last longer than about 25-30 minutes. An installer does not turn his hand around. The possible Mini-Box is placed behind the ceiling, the speakers in the ceiling (by the spring clamps) and the controller (with wall mount / charger) in a 'strategic place' against the wall. If you opt for the Sound-Bar variant it is even easier, it can be placed on a stand or hanging on the wall vertically or horizontally.