N-Joy bathroom radio set 30 Watt


This N-Joy bathroom radio set finds its place in every bathroom. Various streaming services can be installed on the controller (Tune-In radio / Spotify / Apple Music / Deezer / Amazon Music / Tidal). The N-Joy controller is supplied with a wall bracket/charger. This means the controller is always ready for use. The Bluetooth audio amplifier has a power output of 30 Watts. The Mini Amplifier can be combined with any speaker in the AquaSound range. The size of the amplifier is very small, so you can even easily fit it through the installation hole of our smallest speakers. Furthermore, the amplifier has a built-in antenna, which keeps the size of the amplifier compact.

N-Joy controller

  • 140 x 100 mm (controller)
  • 80 x 60 mm (wall mount)
  • 300 cm charging cable
  • 5″ touchscreen
  • 12 GB internal memory (+/- 3000 MP3 songs)
  • IPX7 Certified



  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 2x 30 Watt MAX
  • 120 x 88 x 43 mm
  • Aux-In, Auto aux
  • Adapter: 230 V / 12 V (3.0 A)