Bluetooth Speakers

Audio streamed from your device

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Your device (mobile phone / tablet) is the source for these speakers / amplifiers.

These systems can be placed in the bathroom without any problem. The speakers are all water resistant or waterproof. All these systems are equipped with Bluetooth so you can easily connect with a phone or tablet. Connect your iPhone or Smartphone and enjoy your favorite music. After pairing You stream your personal music files with high quality, but also the music from your Deezer or Spotify playlist, or any other APP. These sets can be installed and used with ease.


The Bluetooth (4.0) technology ensures a stable and interference-free sound transmission of up to 10 meters. Once a SmartPhone is paired, you can move freely through the kitchen or bathroom while the music of your choice is being streamed.


The Wi-Fi technology ensures a stable and interference-free sound transmission throughout your entire home network. As soon as you have sent instructions to the speaker via a SmartPhone or tablet, the speaker continues the stream directly from the internet, so there is no drain on your device. You can of course still use your device to change the music or adjust the volume.

Unique PIN and ID

On request we can provide these Bluetooth sets with a unique PIN code and name. This way you always keep control and only the users who know the code can connect to this speaker set. Please indicate this with your order.