Built-in Bluetooth Speaker (SPK60BT)

A SingleRoom Bluetooth speaker set. Suitable for 1 room

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Master Bluetooth speaker (60 Watt)
  • Slave speaker (60 Watt)
  • Size: 230 mm
  • Hole size 210 mm
  • Depth 95 mm
  • AUX (Tulip), Auto-AUX
  • Kevlar Conus
  • 230V / 24V block adapter


Your iPhone or SmartPhone as the source for this Bluetooth (4.0) High-End speaker set. An active (master) and a passive speaker (slave). Together they can provide 1 room with perfect sound. In this way you can create a singleroom music center in just 1 easy step.


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