Outdoor TV

A waterproof TV for the outdoors must meet more requirements than just being waterproof. The 4K screen has a high brightness, so that the TV delivers a perfect picture, even in brighter sunlight. In addition, the screen has an anti-reflection coating for even better visibility. Of course, this Outdoor TV is equipped with Smart functionality. So you won't have to miss a Netflix series or football match... An Outdoor TV is the ultimate experience.

To take full advantage of the services above, a subscription may be required.

With the Outdoor TV you never miss a thing
Never again do you have to choose between enjoying the nice weather and relaxing in front of the TV. With the AquaSound Outdoor TV you simply combine the two.

Smart TV for outdoor use

This Outdoor Smart TV adds an extra dimension to outdoor life. No need to miss a football match, soap or film. Put on the barbecue and enjoy razor-sharp picture quality (4K) and clear sound with family and friends. The Outdoor TV has all the features you would expect from such an eye-catcher in the garden. This Outdoor TV has a DVB-C tuner for ZIGGO users and a DVB-T2 tuner for KPN customers. The TV is also equipped with Smart functionality. Download your favourite apps from the Google Playstore. Let the sun come out!

Waterproof TV

User safety comes first. That is why the Outdoor TV is waterproof with an IP65 rating, so that no water or moisture can penetrate the screen. A safe feeling that also guarantees long-term use.

High Brightness

The screen in this outdoor TV has a very high brightness of 1500 cd/m2, so sunlight has a minimal influence on your viewing experience. The built-in sensor measures the sun's intensity and adjusts the screen brightness accordingly.

A higher intensity of the sun results in a higher brightness of the screen. And because a lower brightness is desired in the evening, the screen adjusts accordingly. So you always get the best viewing experience.


The Outdoor TV is equipped with two speakers, cleverly integrated in the bottom of the TV. With two times 10 Watt, the TV produces a lot of power to enjoy music or film to the fullest.

Ziggo, KPN and Smart TV

The AquaSound Smart TVs are equipped with different tuner types. For cable television users, a DVB-C tuner is available. Terrestrial television can be received using the DVB-T2 tuner.


Would you rather enjoy exciting series or films on Netflix, Videoland or Youtube? Via Google Play, you can download any streaming app you like. That is the added value of the Smart functionality. Everything at the user's fingertips.

Movies and Series
Online Content
Movies and Series
Movies and Series
Movies and Series


All possible connections and slots are present on this Outdoor TV. These connections are safely integrated in the back of the TV. The cover provides a completely watertight seal of these connections.

Technical Specifications of our Bathroom radio

Below you can find the specifications and user manual of the Outdoor TV.






55 inch
1500 cd/m2




Android TV


Internal Speakers
External Spreakers

2x 10 Watt
via Audio Out


Audio Out
WiFi connection




1248 x 736 x 85 mm
IP65 Rated

Experiences of our customers

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Martin BeekMartin Beek
15:18 29 Jul 22
Yes... they really still exist... companies that consider customer friendliness and service to be... of paramount importance.Aquasound more than deserves these 5 stars.As the owner of an outdated ("deceased?") Wipod system, I always received more than excellent, fast and clear responses from them to make the system functional again.Parts that were expected to be needed were sent quickly and even offered to send the whole thing to them for testing with their specific expertise and equipment.This was finally done and again quickly finished and informed.Result: Wipod "resuscitated" and can take years again.Cost.... negligible:"BUSINESS SERVICE!!!"Where else do you come across that!!!CHAPEAU 👌👌👌Should it ever be necessary again, there will certainly be a nice system from Aquasound again.read more
John van der VeenJohn van der Veen
21:15 04 Jan 22
I can put a whole story here but all the reviews below already indicate it. Very customer and... service oriented company. Really lend all cooperation, by telephone or e-mail, to get it 100% in order. Didn't quite like the sound in the beginning, but now it's fine. Very satisfied, great system, Njoy controller + WiFi speakers. This is how it should be everywhere in terms of service!read more
Rick BastenRick Basten
08:31 07 Apr 20
Great company!!Previously had a set of AquaSound that I have always enjoyed. With the renovation... of the new bathroom again opted for an AquaSound system. I chose the Move Speakers with the N-Joy controller, I don't regret it at all. Good sound and a controller that is actually a decoration on the wall in itself.Unfortunately, the controller broke down, but due to excellent service I had a new controller in a few days (!!!), you can hardly find this service anywhere anymore.Contacted prior to purchase to obtain advice, contacted during installation about installation and contacted afterwards about the controller. Always fast and correct responses. Highly recommended!read more
bennie .bokobennie .boko
12:38 18 Oct 19
Many problems encountered due to a problem here with Bluetooth. I was sent another amplifier in no... time. But it didn't work as it should either. So the problem here was in or around the house, which interfered with the BT signal and caused the connection to drop.always had an incredibly good support from Aquasound, and it took us just as long to get it working properly! and it worked ! the service and aftersales is perfect where many other companies can suck a point..Thank you so much !!read more
jurgen dokterjurgen dokter
06:36 12 Jun 19
Had some problems with my N-Joy controller a few times. I immediately receive an RMA form and they... want to repair / replace it immediately free of charge. Broken the screen once through my own fault. When I handed in the old one and paid an extra amount I could receive a new one. Top arranged!read more