Outdoor TV

New: outdoor TV's

The newest addition to the AquaSound TV segment are the high quality outdoor TVs. The screens are available in sizes 42, 55 and 65 inch. Below you can download the specifications of our outdoor TVs

Outdoor TV / Swimming pool TV

suitable for any environment

A line of waterproof outdoor TVs has been developed for the professional user (business or private). Large screens (42" to 65") that can be used next to a swimming pool (indoor / outdoor), on a yacht, by a Jacuzzi or under the veranda. Just those places where a 'normal' TV will not work. The AquaSound outdoor screens can be placed at the aforementioned locations without any problems.


The Outdoor screens can be installed at any place. As a billboard at an airport or train station. But also in an amusement park or water park.


The outdoor screens have an IP65 rating. Water, rain, moisture, steam, high humidity... it doesn't matter. These screens are designed to perform optimally under the toughest conditions.

Just some examples

On this page you can see some examples of locations where the outdoor screens can be used. If you have a location where you want to place a waterproof screen, please contact us to discuss the possibilities for your project.


42" Outdoor TV

ASV42107-B / ASV42107-S

55" Outdoor TV

ASV55140-B / ASV55140-S

65" Outdoor TV

ASV65165-B / ASV65165-S