AquaSound – Waterproof Intelligence

Waterproof audio products for the bathroom

AquaSound develops and manufactures waterproof media products for use in the bathroom. But these products are also widely used in kitchens or on porches. Whether it's a bathroom radio, a kitchen audio system or a bathroom TV system, there is always a model that is suitable for your particular purpose. All products are suitable for use in the bathroom (either waterproof or water resistant) and easy to install ... 'Ready -to -use'. The range includes four product groups: (1) Bluetooth Bathroom Audio, (2) N-Joy Music Center, (3) Bathroom TV, (4) Bathroom Speakers. Select the product that best suits your needs and turn your bathroom into a spa for hours of entertainment and fun.

(1) Bluetooth Bathroom Audio

(2) N-Joy Music Center


(3) WiFi Audio


(4) N-JoyX WiFi Audio


(5) Bathroom Speakers

(6) Bathroom TV

What are you waiting for? View all our products and discover which audio system or bathroom TV is most suited to your entertainment pleasure.

N-Joy Music Center

The audio system for the bathroom

The N-Joy waterproof music system, for the bathroom and for the whole family. The AquaSound bathroom radio is an all-in-one system that does not require a mobile phone.

N-Joyx Wifi-Audio;

The successor to Bluetooth. While the Bluetooth bathroom radios from AquaSound have proven themselves for years when it comes to reliable sound transmission in the bathroom, the N-Joyx systems go further, literally. Wifi-Audio is "The Next Generation".

Bluetooth audiosystems

Your Smart device as an audio source for this system

Pair your iPhone, tablet or other device easily and quickly with one of these Bluetooth systems. These Bluetooth systems are user-friendly and perfect to use if you want to provide Bluetooth audio to one room. For example your bathroom or kitchen. Stream your personal music and relax in your own bathroom or kitchen!

Bathroom TV (water resistant)

Wellness experience on a higher level

The AquaSoaund bathroom TVs turn the bathroom into a real wellness area. Enjoy your favorite soap or television program. With a Google Chromecast you can quickly turn these waterproof TVs into a Smart TV. You can easily bring Videoland and Netflix to the bathroom.

Bathroom speakers

Waterproof and can be used everywhere

Whether you want a speaker set in the bathroom, in the sauna or outside under the veranda. Find a complete range of waterproof speakers here that will easily take their place at the location wherever you wish to install them.