AquaSound – Waterproof Intelligence

Waterproof audio products for the bathroom

AquaSound develops and manufactures waterproof media products for use in the bathroom. But these products are also widely used in kitchens or on porches. Whether it's a bathroom radio, a kitchen audio system or a bathroom TV system, there is always a model that is suitable for your particular purpose. All products are suitable for use in the bathroom (either waterproof or water resistant) and easy to install ... 'Ready -to -use'. The range includes four product groups: (1) Bluetooth Bathroom Audio, (2) N-Joy Music Center, (3) Bathroom TV, (4) Bathroom Speakers. Select the product that best suits your needs and turn your bathroom into a spa for hours of entertainment and fun.

(1) Bluetooth BathroomAudio

(2) N-Joy Music Center

(3) BathroomTV

(4) Bathroom Speakers

Ease of use

All products are easy to use. No overdone options - or way to long instructions, we only deliver no-nonsense products that are ready for use almost immediately.

Three unique features in one product

Three product features - packed into one product that frequently recur in the AquaSound program. This way, the devices can perform optimally and enjoy maximum.


Bluetooth is reliable, it guarantees a trouble-free audio transmission and it allows connections to modern devices. Thus you can also connect your smart device with the Aqua Sound products.

Water proof / water resistant

Naturally, all AquaSound products are waterproof (IPX 4, 5 or 6). The devices thus guarantees optimum performance in wet areas while keeping you and the device itself safe.

Bluetooth audio in the bathroom

If you want to use your SmartPhone as the source of music, AquaSounds Bluetooth Audio Systems are the choice for you. Link your Smart Device to any of these products and stream your personal music from your Smart Device to this system. All systems are waterproof or water resistant and safe for use in the bathroom.

Audio system for the bathroom

The N-Joy Music Center is a stand-alone music system -a Smartphone is not required but can be used for streaming- the controller functions at the heart of this system. Listen to Internet radio or your favorite songs stored in the controller. The N-Joy system is always on standby. The controller is waterproof and is charged by the magnetic wall bracket.

Bathroom TV (waterproof)

an AquaSound Bathroom Television completes any bathroom. The 27" screen can be fully incorporated into the wall. This creates a minimalist look. The TV is equipped with a DVB-C tuner, CI + compatible, but also a DVB-T tuner (DVB-T) . A DVB -S and DVB -T2 tuner complete this wonderful TV. A real eye-catcher in your bathroom.

Bathroom speakers

AquaSound has a large range of bathroom speakers to choose from to accompany its audio systems. From simple (Jive Eco) to extreme (Jazz Extreme) and everything in between. All speakers are waterproof/water resistant and can be installed in the bathroom without problems.