Wi-Fi Audio Amplifier with Waterproof Samba Speakers (WMA50-SW)


  • 50 Watt (digital Class D amplifier)
  • Dimensions 110 x 110 x 40 mm
  • Airplay / DLNA /UPnP compatibel
  • App available for iOS & Android OS
  • WLan / Lan
  • AUX (Tulip), Auto-Aux
  • Samba speakers: 65 Watt (40W RMS)
  • IPX5-Waterproof
  • Speakergrille: White, Black or Matte Chrome
  • Samba speakers: diameter 205 mm (hole size 179 mm)
  • Kevlar Conus
  • 230V / 14V block adapter

You will receive:

  • Wi-Fi Audio Amplifier (50W)
  • Samba build-in speakers 65W (RMS 40W)
  • Power adapter for the amplifier
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Your iPhone or SmartPhone as a source for this Wi-Fi audio system. The music is sent via Wi-Fi to the amplifier, which plays beautifully through the easy-to-install Samba Speakers. Because the Samba Speakers are waterproof (IPX5), you don’t have to worry about humidity or even splashes. The amplifier can also be connected to the wired network, and set to set up its own Wi-Fi network so that you also have coverage in places where your home network has no or less coverage.

Additional information

Speaker colour

Black, Chrome, White


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