Waterproof Build-in Radio

Built-in Bathroom radio? Choose N-Joy

The built-in bathroom radio with Bluetooth and touchscreen controller. If you are looking for convenience for a built-in bathroom radio, choose the N-Joy music system from Aquasound. This wireless bathroom radio is modern and equipped with the latest techniques. This allows you to play personally stored music files via the N-Joy controller. Or, after a few presses on the 5” touchscreen, listen to internet radio (Wifi required) or your own Spotify playlists (premium account required). In addition, it is also possible to pair your SmartPhone or other device via Bluetooth in an instant. You will always want (and have) this all-in-one music system within reach.

N-Joy Music Center with Move speaker-set (IRS70Pro-M)

A well hidden radio system: professional and minimalistic

This audio system is the focal point in your kitchen. This set represents the ‘cream of the crop’ within the AquaSound range. The High-End speakers provide an immersive audio experience. The controller takes place in the magnetic wall bracket where it is also charged. An audio system that is always stand-by for you, with a professional and minimalistic look.

IPX 6 Waterproof

Internet Radio

70 Watts

12GB storage

Easy Intergrate


Bluetooth 4.0


What is this audio system capable of once it is installed?

Once the system is installed than you are able to:

Magnetic wall holder / charger

The waterproof controller is always stationed on the magnetic wall bracket which also functions as its charger. Thus, the controller is always charged and ready for use. with only 2 touches on the screen the radio will play your favourite songs you stored on the device. Also you are able to stream your favourite playlists from Spotify or Deezer from you personal Smart-device since it's able to connect via bluetooth connection.

Quickly installed

This Bathroom Radio is easy and quick to install anywhere. The installation is normally done in less than 25-30 minutes. The Mini-Box is placed on top of the ceiling through the same hole that is cut for the speakers. The ceiling speakers are inserted afterwards (using the screw hooks) and finally the controller wall mount is placed on a strategic place on the wall.

Plug & Play

Technical knowledge to put this waterproof music system in use is not necessary. The whole system is plug and play. So every bathroom or kitchen can be provided with great sound without any trouble.

The High-End speaker-set 'Move'

The generous ‘Move’ speaker displays the sound perfectly. The high and lows will be refined . Some Highlights of this speaker set are shown below.

You can refine the bass projection with the 3 -position switch... this is gives you an amazing bass experience even at low volumes.
The tweeter ( treble ) can be directed to the middle of the room so you never miss any tones.
8 mini magnets ensure that the grille remains well in place.

The back of this high-end speaker

A Tulip jack makes it possible for you to connect an external device (AUX).
In addition, a connection is provided to connect the second (passive) speaker.


The N-Joy Music Center is waterproof. Therefore safe to use in the bathroom. The controller be used under the shower or in the bath. The speakers can withstand high humidity.

Product specifications and download

An overview of the main features of this product.

N-Joy Controller

Waterproof (IPX6)
Magnetic wallmount/charger
Bluetooth version: 3.0
5" Touch-screen
16 GB Internal storage (extendable)
V+ / V- 'Hardbuttons'
1500 mHa battery

'Move' Speaker-set

Round 235 mm (D= 95 mm), hole size 210 mm)
Bluetooth 4.0
Kevlar conus (6,5")
Vermogen: 70 Watt (peak) @ 8 Ohm
230V / 24v (2,0A), adapter
Aux (Auto-AUX)
Range: 60Hz tot 20KHz
RAL 9016
What model fits your needs?

Choose the N-Joy Music Center with ‘Move’ speaker set if you want to maximize the AquaSound music system. The variant with the ‘Twist’ speaker set has smaller speakers, but comes with an excellent price/performance ratio.


N-Joy Music Center with 'Twist' speaker-set


N-Joy Music Center with 'Move' speaker-set