Bluetooth Music Center

Bluetooth Music Center, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker set

Pair your iPone, tablet or other device easily and quickly with these waterproof speakers. This Bluetooth Music Center audio system is user-friendly and perfect for use in the bathroom. Stream your personal music and relax in your own bathroom!

Bluetooth audio-system (BMN50Easy-TW)

Waterproof speakers with Bluetooth function for bathroom or kitchen

The Bluetooth Music Center audio system works optimally in the bathroom, kitchen or outside under your veranda. Although the system is small in size, it has grand ambitions. Built into the suspended ceiling of your bathroom, in the kitchen or outside, these waterproof speakers are almost a must-have for every user. The small Bluetooth speakers (round with a diameter of 130 mm), together with the compact Mini-Box (receiver / amplifier) give a great sound experience for today's (demanding) user. Stream the music from, for example, Spotify, Deezer or your personal files. The Bluetooth Music Center is easy to install and use. Read all options below.


45 Watts


Easy to Intergrate




Bluetooth 4.0

The speakers installed quickly through the spring clips


The Bluetooth (4.0) technology ensures a stable and interference-free sound transmission of up to 10 meters. When your smartphone or other device is paired with the waterproof built-in speakers, you can move freely. Stream your favorite songs and enjoy to the max.

Unique CODE and ID

On request we can provide the Mini-Box with a unique code and name. This way you always keep control and only the users who know the code can connect to this device. If you are interested in this, please indicate this directly with your order.

12V power

This series is characterized by combining the compact design with a high power 50 Watt (20W RMS). This power is supplied by an external power supply of 230V or 12V. This power supply (just like the Mini-Box) can simply be pushed through the speaker hole (and is easily hidden from view).

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers with an amazing range

The range of the Mini-Box is already very generous (up to 15 meters in the open field), but sometimes it can be useful to 'stretch' this range within the bathroom walls. Then place the supplied 'extension kit'. A white antenna is mounted on the visible side of the ceiling and the Mini-Box out of sight. This way you are always assured of a steady connection with the Bluetooth speakers.

Moods... A color for every situation

To adjust the speakers even better to the moods of the bathroom, kitchen or veranda. Standard colors are white, black and matt chrome. If your color is not listed, you can choose from around 200 RAL colors. This gives the built-in speakers the color that suits your style. Create an exclusive touch!

Stay in control

Always stay ‘in control’. You simply use your own mobile phone with its trusted apps. The sound is always streamed to the Bluetooth Music Center in the ceiling. That is maximum enjoyment.

AUX aansluiting

The Bluetooth Music Center is also equipped with an AUX connection (Mini-Jack). You ca connect an external device (for example the Bathroom TV from AquaSound). The sound from the TV is looped through to the speakers. When a Bluetooth device is paired, the AUX is automatically deactivated.

Other built-in speakers?

Wilt u liever een andere waterdichte speaker-set combineren met dit Bluetooth audiosysteem? Kies dan één van de andere badkamer speakers uit het AquaSound programma. Alle speakers kunnen gekoppeld worden aan de Mini-Box. Zo creëert u uw eigen Bluetooth muzieksysteem dat precies voldoet aan uw wensen.

Speakers waterproof and -resistant

The ‘Twist’ speakers that come with this Bluetooth Music Center system can withstand high humidity. They are also water resistant (IPX4). This makes them suitable for installation in a bathroom, without compromising on quality in the longer term.

Installed quickly

The installation does not have to take longer than 8-10 minutes. An installer does not turn his hand around it. This keeps installation costs to a minimum. If you prefer to install it yourself, that is also an option.

Plug & Play

No technical knowledge is required. The Mini-Box only needs to be connected to the power, pushed through the hole made (for the speakers) and the speakers secured by means of the clamping springs. This set is immediately ready for use!

Product specifications & Downloads

Below an overview of the most important properties of this product.

Dimensions Mini-Box: 140 x 100 x 40 mm
Bluetooth version: 4.0 (A2DP)
Power: 50 Watts (peak)
Distance: up to 15 meters (in open field)
Speakers: 130 mm (round)
Speakers: 45 mm built-in
Speakers: 50 Watts (peak power)
Speaker color: RAL 9016
Adapter: 230V / 12v (3A)
Which model do you choose?

Choose the Bluetooth Music Center if you want to use your smartphone as an audio source. This system can also be supplied without speakers, so that you can combine other speakers from the AquaSound program with this system. There is also a WiFi-Audio amplifier in product range. Here too, your Smart device is the music source. Make your choice below.



WiFi-audio set with Samba speakers


Set with the 'Twist' speakers