Update the N-Joy controller

Below is the step-by-step explanation to provide the N-Joy controller with the latest software.
* You should have at least Windows 8.
* Connect the N-Joy controller to the computer with the SHORT (AquaSound) USB cable.

1: Download the installation file for the Update Tool.

Click on the download button to download this file.
(this can take 3-5 minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection).

First check on your controller at button "info" which version you have.
Version 3.x.x: Download and install this file.
Version 4.x.x: Do NOT Download, Do not install. You can provide the controller with the latest version via "Settings / update".

2: After the installation file has been fully downloaded, run this file to install the Update Tool.

Double-click now on that file to install the Update Tool on your PC.

3: Shortcut on desktop

A shortcut to the Update Tool appears on your desktop.
The shortcut is called 'Aquasound Updater'.
Double-click on this shortcut.

4: AquaSound Update Tool

The AquaSound Update Tool appears.
Click on 'Start AquaSound Update' to start updating.
The computer will now first install the drivers for the N-Joy controller.

5: Restart PC

To activate the newly installed drivers, you must restart your PC. After the restart, you can proceed to point 6.

6: Click Shortcut

Double-click again on the shortcut 'Aquasound Updater' that is still on your desktop.

7: AquaSound Update Tool

Now click again the 'Start AquaSound Update' button and wait until it is completely executed.Do NOT disconnect the controllerInstalling the Update will take longer than 45 minutes on most systems.

8: Do NOT disconnect

Do not disconnect the controller until the message appears
'Update completed, you can uninstall the update tool now ...'

9: Ready

The update is complete. You can disconnect the controller.You will again be asked to complete the First-Time-Instalation steps.
The activation code for this procedure is '416833423'Enjoy your updated controller!