Wifi Audio System





40 Watts

WiFi Audio System (AirPlay & DLNA compatible)

This Wifi Audio system (TWA40-FR) consists of a mini amplifier (WiFi audio) and 2 ceiling speakers. This ensures a quick and easy installation. Once installed and included in your home network you can stream directly (via Apple AirPlay). But you can also control this WiFi amplifier with an APP, available for iOS and Android. The APP can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store. Combine multiple amplifiers (with speakers) in the house to obtain a Multi-Room application.

Wifi Audio Set (built-in)

Multi-Room / Single-Room

APP for Apple & Android

Use the APP (iOS & Android) for an unprecedented user experience. Apple users do not necessarily need this APP, they can use the AirPlay function to control one or more amplifiers at the same time. Another user experience gives the APP (downloadable via Google Play or the APP store).

• Stream to 1 set (Singleroom) or
• Stream to multiple sets simultaneously (multiroom)
• 1 Source or multiple sources
• Give the amplifiers unique names, eg 'Kitchen' or 'Veranda'
• Stream Spotify or Radio

Specifications TWA40-FR:

This Wifi set has a LAN and WLan connection. In addition, the AUX (Mini-Jack) is provided, which can be activated via the APP.

Singleroom / Multiroom
Wifi (802.11 b/g/n)
APP (available for iOS & Android)
LAN connection
40 Watt (25W RMS) @ 8 OHm
205 mm (Hole size 179 mm)
AirPlay / DLNA
75 mm depth
Adapter 230V /12v
Order code: TWA40-FR

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