Software Updates

Software updates for the N-Joy bathroom radio

Below are all the updates released for the N-Joy.

4.0.1 (d.d. 6-2 2018)

If you have a version lower than 4.0.1 or 4.0.0, then you need to update the N-Joy via your computer once. Choose 'To 4.0.1 Update' to guide you through the update process.


Do you have a Spotify Premium subscription? Then you also have access to your personal lists in the controller. Or find a song from your favorite artist. Simple and intuitive. Here's more on how Spotify works.


By popular request, we have added a clock function. While the N-Joy is placed on the wall bracket, a clock will appear after the preset time. Pressing the On / Off button once will turn the screen off. That way, you can choose to relax timelessly or be sure you're not too late.


Additional language packs have been added for our foreign users


We noticed that users often want to operate the N-Joy Controller from the wall mount (on / off switch). </ P> In this case, we recommend that you install the Push Protector. You can request this for free. Send an e-mail with your name, address and place of residence and we will send you a push-protector for free.


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