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Timple/Audio Multiroom and Singleroom products

TimpleAudio (Powered by AquaSound) develops and produces Singleroom and Multiroom audio systems (WiFi speakers and Bluetooth speakers). Systems / speakers which are characterized piece-by-piece by the simplicity of installation and use. Your iPhone / SmartPhone is always the audio source. This ensures maximum user convenience.


Choose one of the above Bluetooth products to easily set up a Singleroom audio system. These products are equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 chipset.
This Bluetooth (4.0) technology ensures a stable and interference-free sound transmission of up to 10 meters. Once a SmartPhone is paired, you can move freely through the room while the music of your choice is being streamed.


Choose one of the above WiFi products to easily set up a Singleroom or Multiroom audio system.
During installation, add the speaker or amplifier to the home network.
APPLE: Immediately ready for use with Airplay functionality.
Android: Download the APP to listen to Spotify or Radio.