WiFi-Audio amplifier / Access Point (WMA50), without speakers


  • 50 Watts (digital Class D amplifier)
  • Dimensions 110 x 110 x 40 mm
  • Airplay / DLNA / UPnP compatible
  • App available for iOS & Android OS
  • WLan / Lan
  • AUX (Tulip), Auto-Aux
  • 230V / 14V block adapter

You will receive:

  • Wi-Fi amplifier (50W)
  • Power adapter for the Wi-Fi amplifier


Your iPhone or SmartPhone as a source for this Wi-Fi audio system. This amplifier can be combined with any bathroom speaker from the AquaSound program. The amplifier can also be connected to the wired network, and set to set up its own Wi-Fi network so that you also have coverage in places where your home network has no or less coverage.


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