N-Joy Music Center and Mini-Box without speakers (EMC50PRO)

You will receive:

  • N-Joy waterproof controller (IPX7)
  • Mini-Box amplifier (50W)
  • Wall charger for N-Joy controller
  • Power adapter for Mini-Box


The most professional way to get music in your bathroom. The N-Joy music center gives you the opportunity to play internet radio or play your favourite songs stored on the 16GB storage space of the controller. This music is then streamed to the Mini-Box, which acts as an amplifier for use with your choice of bathroom speakers.
The controller is waterproof (IPX7) so you don’t need to worry about splashes or it falling in your bath. The controller can be placed on the mount wall which is also the charger and will hold it magnetically. The controller will be always charged and ready to use.


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