Bluetooth Music Center

Bluetooth Music Center

Your own SmartPhone as the audio source for this bathroom audio system... easily connected via Bluetooth. Stream your personal music and relax.






Bluetooth audio system (BMN50Easy-TW)

45 Watts

Easy Intergrate


Bluetooth 4.0

The Bluetooth audio system for bathroom or kitchen.

The Bluetooth Music Center is small in stature, but with premium aspirations. Built into the suspended ceiling of your bathroom this system is almost a must-have for any user. Small speakers (130 mm in diameter), along with the compact receiver / amplifier provide great sound experience for today's (demanding) user. Stream music from Spotify, Deezer or your personal files. A set that is easy to build and to use. Read below for all the possibilities.

The speakers are quickly installed with spring clips


Bluetooth (3.0) technology provides a stable and interference-free sound transmission up to 10 meters. Once a SmartPhone is connected you can freely move around the bathroom and stream music of your choice.

12V adapter

This series is characterized by combining the compact design with high power (50W, 20W RMS). This power is supplied by external power supply of 230V / 12V. This adapter can (like the Mini-Box) simply be placed through the speaker hole to be placed out of sight behind the ceiling.

Big range

The range of Mini-Box is already very generous (up to 15 meters in open field), but you need to extend it a bit further inside the bathroom walls, you can simply use the included ''extension kit''. A white antenna is mounted on the visible side of the ceiling... the Mini-Box remains out of sight.

Moods...A colour for every situation

Each speaker in the right colour, that suits the room. This is possible with ‘Moods. Choose one of over 200 colours that are available to fit the speakers to colour of the room just to give it that extra exclusive touch.

Stay 'in control'

Always stay in control. You are using your own mobile phone with its familiar APPs. The sound is always streamed to the Bluetooth Music Center in the ceiling. That’s maximum enjoyment.

AUX connection

The Bluetooth Music Center is also equipped with an AUX jack (mini-jack). Here, an external device (for example an AquaSound Bathroom TV) is connected. The sound of the TV is then looped to the speakers. If a Bluetooth device is connected, the AUX will be automatically deactivated.

Other built-in speakers?

If you would you prefer to combine another speaker set with this Bluetooth audio system, you can choose one of the other bathroom speakers from the AquaSound program. All the speakers can be coupled to the Mini-Box. So you can create your own Bluetooth music system that exactly meets your needs.

Water resistant / waterproof

The 'Twist' speakers can withstand high humidity. They are also water resistant (IPX4). Thus, they are suitable to be installed in a bathroom, without any compromise on the long-term quality.

Quickly installed

The installation time will only tact 8 till 10 minutes and is very easy. This way costs for installation can be reduced.

Plug & Play

Once the Mini-Box is connected to the power adapter and speakers, the only step left is to connect your own SmartDevice, and you are ready to stream your own music to this system.

Product specifications and downloads

An overview of the main features of this product.

Size Mini-Box: 140 x 100 x 40 mm
Bluetooth version: 4.0 (A2DP)
Power: 50 Watt (pike)
Distance: up to 15 meter (in open field)
Outher dimension: 130 mm (round)
Speakers: 45 mm depth
Speakers: 50 Watt (peak power)
Speakercolor: RAL 9016
Adapter: 230V / 12v (3A)
Which model do you choose?

Select the Bluetooth Music Center if you want to use your iPhone/Smartphone as an audio source. This system can also be supplied without speakers, so you can combine other speakers from the AquaSound program with this system. It is also possible to combine this system into a bathroom radio with the Aqua Sound N-Joy Controller. Make your choice below.


Complete set with N-Joy controller


Set with 'Twist' speakers