Bathroom Radio with D-Sign Speaker

N-Joy Music Center with Sound-Bar

The Bathroom radio

A Waterproof music system for the bathroom. This set is fully integrated in the bathroom. It functions as a stand alone radio system, but it is still possible to connect your own SmartPhone to this system as well. Listen to Internet radio or your personal music files, which are stored on the N -Joy Controller. The controller can be hung on the magnetic holder/charger which is mounted to the wall between uses... so the device is always ready and charged when you need it.

The Bathroom Radio

The bathroom audio system as a central point in the bathroom. The waterproof controller hangs 'standby' in the magnetic wall bracket. You choose your favourite radio station (via internet radio) and the music plays through the recessed speakers in the ceiling. No phone required -though it is possible to connect one as well- in order to fully enjoy this music system. A system that can be built in a bathroom, the kitchen, or anywhere else. A very complete, waterproof, music system.

IPX 6 Waterproof

Internet Radio

25 Watts

12GB storage

Easy Intergrate


Bluetooth 4.0


Magnetic wall mount / charger

The waterproof controller is stationed on the magnetic wall bracket between uses where it is also charged. Thus, the controller is always charged and ready for use when you want to to use it. Hearing the radio or your favourite songs that you have stored on the controller is just two taps away.

What can this audio system do when it is installed in the bathroom ?

Once installed you are able to:

Quickly installed

This Bathroom Radio is easy and quick to install anywhere. The installation is normally done in less than 15-20 minutes. The Sound-Bar can be hung on a wall or placed on top of any flat surface. The controller wall mount is placed on a strategic place on the wall. Connect the power to both devices and you are good to go.

Plug & Play

Technical knowledge to put this waterproof music system in use is not necessary. The whole system is plug and play. So every bathroom or kitchen can be provided with great sound without any trouble.

Stylish design

The Sound-Bar is stylish and can find its place in every bathroom.

The components are all in harmony with each other. The waterproof Sound-Bar is an eye catcher in your bathroom.


The N-Joy Music Center is waterproof. Therefore safe to use in the bathroom. The N- Joy controller can be used in the shower or bath. The speakers can withstand high humidity.

Product specifications / Downloads

Main features & Downloads of the Sound-Box with N-Joy Music Center

N-Joy Controller

Waterproof (IPX6)
Magnetic wall mount / Charger
Bluetooth versie: 3.0
5" Touch-screen
16 GB intern memory (extendable)
V+ / V- 'Hardbuttons'
Accu 1500 mHa


Dimension: 500 x 80 x 75 mm
Bluetooth 3.0
4 positions foot
Power: 25 Watt
Speakercolor: RAL 9016
AUX connection (Mini-Jack)
Twin-Link (connect two sounds with each other)
Which model do you choose ?

The N- Joy Music Center is available in a build-up variant (with a Sound -Bar), but is also available as a built-in system (with a ‘Twist’ speakers set). Please choose the model that best suits your needs.


N-Joy Music Center with 'Twist' speaker-set


N-Joy Music Center and waterproof Sound-Bar.